Zipper invented for saving time — science and technology

Zip: to save time and the invention of science and technology — original title: zipper: to save time and inspiration [] notes invention in the most difficult places, often tremendous opportunity for innovation. The spark of innovation will often burst out in a difficult, uncomfortable, inconvenient, and not selling situation, and a new field may be born. The story of the innovation of every common thing in life is the best interpretation of it. For example, the daily life of the commonly used zipper, in fact, in order to avoid too many buttons, buckle up time and invented. The mechanical engineer Judson Witt Kang? Is the first inventor of the zipper. Once, he was anxious to go out to attend a dinner party, but in the end buckle more than and 20 buttons of a boot on the already tired Yaosuanbeiteng, hurriedly also buckle wrong buttonhole, had to unlock dunks. He had to apologize to his friend for being so late when he arrived at the meeting. Judson heart to toss out in front of in the home of the brood on, decided to invent a new button to save time. One day, he passed a family’s yard, tied to the dogs in the courtyard of his mouth shouting, he saw the dog staggered fangs inspired his boots if the buttons into alternate canines, do not put all the buttons together? He quickly designed the first zipper in human history". This "zipper" includes two chains, each chain is provided with a staggered dentate hook and chain. Judson named his invention "movable button", and applied for a patent, but also on the boots. In 1893, he went to Chicago in World Expo with their own patents, hoping to seek commercial breakthrough, but did not buy his account, because this invention needs Handmade, high cost, and the quality is not stable. Until his death, "mobile button" has no major breakthrough, Judson also failed to gain commercial profits keep going by painstaking effort. However, the improvement of the zipper did not end with the death of Judson. Sembek, an immigrant from Sweden, continues to try to improve the "zipper" process while commercializing. This time, Senbeike is inspired by tieshao. He went to a shop to buy Tieshao, the owner of this shop. The various items in the store are placed neatly, especially Tieshao put it well, the top row of the spoon handle hanging on sticks, the next line is in the bucket, and the top row of the bucket in occlusion form a staggered layout. Senbeike selected the following Tieshao, pulled under no pull down. This inspired Sembek, he proposed the "tooth, nose and cloth bag" three parts to form a new concept of "zipper". He put the "zipper" tooth shape into a bucket shape, the top end is convex, concave, a sliding device can make about "dens" fitted separately slid back again. It is now common zipper was born, Senbeike to begin mass production of zipper, and the zipper is arranged in the lobby department store clothing. But because of the previous zipper quality is not good, to the people left a bad impression is not eliminated, and Senbeike not received many orders. Until the military相关的主题文章: