Zhuanghe, a fishing boat was sunk offshore operations aspack

Zhuanghe fishing boats offshore operations was sunk in September 22nd 3, Liao Zhuang 81019 fishing boats in E123° 27, N ’39° 23′ operation; the waters near the was an unknown vessel sank, hitting vessels have escaped. After verification, Liaoning Fishing Village No. 81019 fishing boats starting from fishing nets in Zhuanghe city Heidao town circle on September 21st at noon. The ship was a wooden fishing boat, there were 5 people on board, have participated in the amount of 500 thousand yuan of personal insurance. After receiving the report, Zhuanghe municipal government attaches great importance to immediately start the emergency plan, go all out to organize search and rescue. Zhuanghe Marine Fisheries Bureau immediately launched the maritime search and rescue emergency plan, and in conjunction with the border, the streets of Xingda and other relevant departments immediately organized search and rescue. At the same time, request the Dalian rescue center in Beihai, Dalian Municipal Bureau of ocean and fishery and fishery Changhai County and other relevant departments and nearby vessels involved in the rescue operation. China fishing boat 21117 quickly arrived at the incident area search and rescue, and organize work near Liaoning fishing village 81067 more than 20 vessels involved in the rescue work. Xingda Street organization 2 large horsepower fishing boats rushed to the incident area rescue. As of now, more than 2 people were rescued by Liaoning fishing village 81067, has organized 2 divers in the vicinity of the search. Divers diving view, the fishing boat cockpit was hit flat, the cabin after the shop has found 2 bodies. 1 people are in search and rescue. (Xuan Wen)相关的主题文章: