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A man in Zhoushan crazy white rush to steal half a year more than 40 cases of crime since March this year, more than 40 "white rush case occurred in Zhoushan Dinghai rural. After a month of careful investigation, recently, the frequently in Dinghai rural manufacturing white rush case suspects, by the Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade, Dinghai District police station, Jiefang Road police arrested jointly shuangqiaoshan. The July 6th day, Mr. Feng Bridge Dinghai street community home in Shuangqiao Shi was breaking into, but fortunately no loss of valuables. The same day, who lives in the community by Mr. Hu Ziwei 7500 yuan in cash to breaking way and stole two floor room in the house. After receiving the report, two police immediately organized the police rushed to the scene, after careful field investigation found that two cases of crime means the same with the previous area of several cases of usurpation of crime means is very similar, are using a "white break" form of burglary, crime and criminals skilled, anti detection awareness the scene is also very strong, leaving no trace, basically belong to the same person. To this end, the police from the video surveillance to find a breakthrough, to do some investigation of the social relations of the informant, excluding the possibility of acquaintances crime. Subsequently, the police on the recent cases of usurpation again exploration, finally in the surveillance video data surrounding the incident to capture the suspect Pachuang peep inside clues, and identified the suspects based multiple theft convictions dingmou. The target is locked, the police immediately arrested, because Dingmou missing, the police through the repeated investigation, the investigation to the whereabouts of the night back to Dingmou months of waiting, and successfully captured the suspect ding. After the examination, Ding also refused to explain the fact that theft to the police then Dingmou residence search, found Dingmou three pairs of shoes, these shoes will be carried out after the footprint identification, extraction and found the crime scene samples the same shoes left. After investigation, the suspect Ding Mou, 56 years old this year, Dinghai Cen people, there is no fixed job, the crime of intentional injury, hooliganism, theft convictions, in February this year released a mad burglary in cash, gold and silver jewelry, cigarettes and other belongings, worth more than 10 yuan. Currently, Ding has been under criminal detention according to law, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: