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Yu Minhong: entrepreneurs pressure and quick business environment – Beijing "Beijing fifteen hall" entrepreneurial class conference site. Peking University press for map. Beijing Beijing, October 9, (Shangguan) 9, Peking University, Chinese entrepreneurs entrepreneurs forum summit and the 2016 world Peking University college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship center inaugurated ceremony "held in Beijing. At the meeting, entrepreneurship textbook, Peking University fifteen entrepreneurial class also released over the same period. New Oriental founder Yu Minhong talked about the issue of entrepreneurial pressure. He said that entrepreneurs themselves in front of the cause of pull, investors have to follow behind, tired, very nervous, and now the entrepreneurial environment for instant success, can not wait to have a day to relationship success. At the press conference, Dean of economics, Peking University, honorary president of the Guanghua School of Management Li Yining, executive vice president of Peking University Wu Zhipan for the book publishing inaugurated, co authors Huang Nubo, Yu Minhong and other famous university alumni representatives came together a photo. Peking University press president Wang Mingzhou will be the 15 authors jointly signed the book presented to the school retained the history museum as a permanent memorial. According to the publisher Peking University press, "party policy research" Hall North fifteen entrepreneurial class by the Peking University alumni office, Peking University jointly compiled, is the first university entrepreneurship series, the content selected from the Peking University entrepreneurship training camp nearly 150 courses, was dean of economics Li Yining, Yu Minhong and other 15 entrepreneurs in academia and industry a lot of years of research and entrepreneurial experience. "Beijing fifteen hall" entrepreneurial class bookjacket. Peking University press for map. The contents of the book in four dimensions. The first part "on" by the famous professor to teach the basic economic principle or macroeconomic situation analysis; specific issues of the second part "the actual operation" from the start of the actual process encountered, for entrepreneurs to describe the basic picture of the entrepreneurial process." Publishing party, the third part is "the management research", from strategic perspectives for entrepreneurs FAQ, "finally," the road of entrepreneurship "is part of some successful entrepreneurs have to start on the road about the story". Yu Minhong also talked about his career on the scene of the entrepreneurial sentiment. He took his children to the restaurant for breakfast experience, for example, about how the restaurant to high-quality food, attentive service and other factors to attract customers. He believes that entrepreneurship is not just a business, I believe that we have a successful business, with a lot of travel and learning when young, there is a relationship". "Back then, I felt a little hard: every morning at six or seven to work, at ten eleven in the evening to go back, but my heart is full of joy." Yu Minhong said with a smile. It is reported that the Peking University Alumni Association, Peking University alumni office, Peking University press and other units jointly organized. (end)相关的主题文章: