You send your own circle of friends no one point praise Bea Hayden tell you why! (video)

You send your own circle of friends no one point praise? Bea Hayden tell you why! A sister these days to see a message back, found a lot of woman who say tired of watching "Yang Mi, Song Jia, big cousin……" and name want to see Bea Hayden street, I also too young too simple, really go off! As a result, I found that your husband is still in the attribution of the summer it, wearing a skirt drag feet: Although Hainan’s sisters may be a little bit lucky, this season can see the next summer wear is not easy! However, this allows the sister to wear a sweater, as well as wearing a down jacket of the Northeast children love why ah! So in order to satisfy most people’s taste, a sister changed the style, we both talk about this matter and fat self circle. Now people, ah, do not send a circle of friends with a picture of a naked out, I feel no sense of security. Most of the younger sister will choose from a photo of what, after all, people than flowers! But slowly, you are not all bursts of self praise and praise! It’s not because you’re not beautiful, it’s your big picture! Greasy! The! Especially your scissors! God, you love her too much? Bea Hayden face beauty will wear height also want to force 170 full and different photos? I think you can take the reference so she and pet photo so Bea Hayden is a love animal people, home is really a lot of cats and dogs! Holding a picture of the dog accounted for almost half of the daily photos! Of course, if your pet is adorable enough to do that, it will certainly cause a lot of people like a small circle of friends like the resonance of small animals, point praise + comments + hot chat what…… as long as you do not bother! And from the small animals and you get along, you can reflect from the side of your kindness and love, such a good girl, so adorable moment, than you simply Po big head is really a lot of fun? We figure exquisite details if you don’t have a pet home this props, can pat yourself on the small daily (various sun), for example, you buy a new necklace, rings, earrings and other jewelry, whatever! But the "sun" scene, please don’t take things simple, naked show may arouse resentment ~ not to wear it, take a side, or a good point of view, the invisible sun out of the United States, is the master! Key details of the map is local, and not asking you slender legs, or face value guards, to show their advantages best Jiuhaola ~ so we put a literary from time to time for those who can’t make up the woman (hand remnant), according to the special for you. Because the fan art or small fresh photos of the selection itself should have elegant makeup, there is a very natural feeling. Dress collocation as long as not too exposed, not too bright, the best color is elegant and simple structure, so from the color you would have been able to see your shooting style. When shooting photos of the small fresh art fan or you should pay attention to your emotions, one’s mood is very easy to see, don’t need a smile, decadence is another kind of beauty ah ~ finally, the scissors in hand, jumping and other work is generally not recommended, tuck sit on the grass and on the wall!相关的主题文章: