Xu Hongcai criticized Goldman Sachs sing empty Yuan said overseas demand will rise tamiflu

Xu Hongcai’s criticism of Goldman said overseas RMB yuan to sing the air demand will rise in zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in Deqing on 24 September, (reporter Zhou Rui) Chinese International Economic Exchange Center Deputy Chief Economist Xu Hongcai 24, said at Mogan Mountain, he Goldman everywhere preaching short yuan proposed strict criticism, as the yuan into the basket, the international community needs to the renminbi is rising. Xu Hongcai is co sponsored by the youth reform and innovation forum and other institutions, the national development and Reform Commission and the International Cooperation Center for support and guidance of the units of the fifth session of the China Youth Reform Forum (the new Mogan Mountain meeting? 2016) "he said. He said that the recent internationalization of the RMB has two milestones. The first is the RMB will soon be included in the SDR. As one of the world’s five largest reserve currency, the proportion of the RMB in the SDR is in accordance with the proportion of the proportion of the calculation, the future of overseas at least seven, eight trillion of the RMB demand. Another milestone was the Bank of China, New York branch, which was approved as the clearing bank of the u.s.. Xu Hongcai said that in such a global context, China’s financial system is facing tremendous changes. From the perspective of the central bank, it is necessary to reform and innovate the macro financial control system in response to external shocks. In terms of regulation, Xu Hongcai pointed out that China is still the total control, the future needs to play a leading role in the price signal. He said that the current Chinese bond market capacity continues to expand, but there is a structural defect that is not formed a complete bond yield curve, the price signal conduction lag greatly, especially state-owned enterprises slow reaction to price signals. In the exchange rate, Xu Hongcai said that the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan to take a negative interest rate, the measures did not promote the real economy to consumption and investment growth, but caused a disorderly flow of international capital, increased global systemic risk. China as the five central bank reserves, should place the position, to respond to new challenges. In terms of commercial bank reform and innovation, Xu Hongcai said that the current need to address the main structure of the term structure of the balance sheet is unreasonable, which is a prominent problem of short deposit long loan. He said, at present in the downtown pressure on the economy, the risk of default on the rise, liquidity risk is very large, in order to solve this problem from the debt side and the asset side at the same time to start, the long-term optimistic but the lack of liquidity of good asset securitization, and through the issuance of long-term debt instruments, to absorb a large number of long-term and stable can use the money to improve liquidity of commercial banks. (end)相关的主题文章: