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Xi Jinping visits Qinghai in the rain: comment deep feelings for the people to study the interpretation of commentator Song Xiongwei "simple, practical, no" shelf "view of public opinion, the people, for the people really"…… General secretary Xi Jinping in August 23rd the rain came to Qinghai Haidong city class Yan village visits to resettle village construction, triggered hot Internet users. Study of ecological protection from the way on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, to carefully understand the difficulties of the masses of production workers, such as school children, the general secretary of the plain and pragmatic civilian feelings, make people more firmly under the leadership of the party to win the confidence and determination of poverty battle. General secretary Xi Jinping had deep feelings, poverty alleviation is always the most energy of his things. Every one of the masses, livelihood, education, medical and Kang, he carefully asked. He exhort: never fall a poor people in poor areas, the next. The general secretary Xi Jinping to visit Qinghai, "don’t break Kroraina eventually not also" famous encourage party members and cadres, with firm determination and strong will make precise poverty alleviation. The resolute, energies and emotions, stimulate motivation and play, can take off as scheduled, really poor out of poverty, building a well-off society. (the author is associate professor of Department of political science at the National School of Administration Song Xiongwei comic author Liao Tingting) editor: Sun Ailin SN146相关的主题文章: