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.puters-and-Technology The auditions for the up.ing season of the Simon Cowell-hosted singing .petition The X Factor, an Americanized version of the British reality series, got off to a rocky start after the show’s network, FOX Broadcasting Corporation, revealed that cybercriminals hacked into a database containing the personal information of 250,000 potential contestants. The X Factor is a television talent show franchise that originated in the United Kingdom, and was created as a replacement for Pop Idol. Now held in various countries, this singing .petition pits contestants against each other, all striving to win an ultimate prize. The programs are produced by executive producer Simon Cowell who also judges and mentors on the UK series. According to a report in the Daily Star, which broke the story, representatives for Fox informed the FBI that a .puter network containing "top-secret information" regarding the music mogul’s latest creation had been breached. According to the online data breach database, DataLossDB , the breach was reported by Fox on May 2. Online thieves may have potentially made off with the names, emails, ZIP codes, phone numbers, genders and dates of birth of the quarter-of-a-million X Factor applicants. Worried that attackers would use the data to scam those listed in the records, FOX Broadcasting Corporation issued an email update to warn contestants of the security breach. "We took immediate action to stop the illegal intrusion and began working with federal authorities," said Gaude Paez of Fox. "We’ve sent emails to impacted registrants to notify them of the unauthorised access and providing them information to help them guard against spam and phishing." In the email to those affected, the FOX Broadcasting Corporation confirmed that the breach occurred, disclosed the information they believe was .promised and warned X-Factor hopefuls to be on the lookout for phishing scams, but assured them that no financial information had been stolen. They added that the data, which was stolen, did not include financial information, social security numbers or user names and passwords. However, those who have applied to go on the US version of the show have been warned not to reply to emails from Fox, particularly if those emails request personal information. "The X Factor will never ask you to email personal information such as financial data, credit card numbers, and social security numbers or the user name or passwords you use to access other websites," warned the email. "If you receive an email that appears to be from Fox.. or The X Factor asking for personal information, please delete it, as it did not .e from us." How the attack occurred or how attackers gained access to the data has not been revealed, but the FBI has been called in. The resources of the Feds are likely to be stretched in the aftermath of several huge hacks which have been reported in US-based operations in recent weeks. These include the Sony PSN hack, a separate but almost as large one at the .pany’s Online Entertainment division, and one from March in the online marketing outfit, Epsilon. From all the recent data breach incidents, it was clearly stated that the frequency of information data breach is only going to increase if organizations fail to pay attention to the vulnerabilities of their .work security. Organizations need to implement robust information security initiatives, including having a proficiently skilled IT security workforce, in order to avoid cyber attacks and security breaches. IT security professionals can increase their information security knowledge and skills by embarking on advanced and highly technical training programs. EC-Council has launched the Center of Advanced Security Training (CAST) to address the deficiency of technically proficient information security professionals. CAST will provide advanced technical security training covering topics such as advanced pe.ration testing training, Digital Mobile Forensics, Cryptography, Advanced .work Defense, and advanced application security training, among others. These highly sought after and lab-intensive Information Security training courses will be offered at all EC-Council-hosted conferences and events, and through specially selected authorized training centres. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: