Wuhan is now the price of parking charges 30 yuan for half an hour or suspected of fraud in the new havd707

Wuhan is now the price of parking charges 30 yuan for half an hour or suspected fraud charges in the new network – itself is a market behavior, community, hospital units or municipal roads can be charged, but not everyone can accept, nor how to close on how to close, must have the corresponding control / reporter Liu Zhiyue newspaper Intern He Zhengxin Cao Yan stopped less than half an hour, to pay 30 yuan. Recently, the Wuhan Hubei car advocates on the enjoyment of this high parking treatment. Mr. Zhang’s car, parked in the center of reproductive medicine Wuhan Tongji Hospital entrance, at the former Wuhan City Department designated temporary road parking. Legal Daily reporters found that in October 2015, Wuhan has canceled roadside parking fees; in accordance with the regulations, Mr. Zhang should not pay parking. Experts pointed out that as the market regulation, city road parking fees to a certain extent, solve some of the owners of parking, "zombies" and other issues, but the property rights problem should be clear; units, residential parking shall be approved by the relevant approval procedures, if the individual charges fees arbitrarily posing as member may be suspected of fraud, the relevant departments should be shall be punished in accordance with the public security management punishment measures etc.. Parking charges 30 yuan a fee of $30, a total of two yuan to pay a total of $60!" Speaking of the recent parking experience, the car is still somewhat dissatisfied mr.. In September 15th, Mr. Zhang drove to accompany the students to the hospital, the nearest car parked in the hospital door. Two hours later, Mr. Zhang is ready to drive away, but was charged $30. The next day, Mr. Zhang returned to the hospital to take medicine to stop the car for about an hour, pay the parking fee 30 yuan. "In accordance with the regulations, parking only three or four yuan per hour, if the hospital belongs to the parking lot within half an hour should be free, do not know why there is such a high parking fees?" Zhang questioned. Reporters came to Wuhan Tongji Hospital to visit the center for Reproductive Medicine found that the scene is divided into 3 rows of parked more than 40 private cars, only more than more than 20 berths parking berth line. A total of 3 parking fee charges, charges of $30. However, there are also owners of "bargain", toll parking fees will be reduced to 20 yuan. Near the parking lot due to limited supply, many to the reproductive medical center or to the opposite of Tongji Hospital owners will not have a car parked here. Hospital leaders to do so, this is a prime location, love non-stop"…… The face of challenge, charging staff is "perfect". In fact, in recent years, Wuhan public parking encounter high fees is not an example. As a Hankou square parking lot was 1 hours parking fee of 200 yuan, a district of Wuchang monthly 2000 yuan astronomical parking fees etc.. With the increase in the number of motor vehicles, urban parking conflicts are also increasingly prominent, hospitals, railway stations and other traffic intensive, but also become a "enclosure" charge of prime locations. "Don’t give money not to stop, some money is not to invoice, no parking owners on where to go?" The car Gary bluntly.相关的主题文章: