Wu Mochou denied that the melon cat deity advised users don’t impulse; people.com.cn Hainan wi-restorator

Wu Mochou denied that the "melon cat" deity   advised users don’t impulse; people.com.cn Hainan windows — people.com.cn recently, Jiangsu TV will sing "masked guess" "melon cat" discussion is not small. The audience for their performance in the show hot, lively, have concluded that she is Wu mo. And released relentless in micro-blog, made a wrong guess "eat" Tu Xiang "balm" bet, @ Wu Mochou I also. But I never thought a few days ago, was a thousand times @ Wu Mochou responded on micro-blog finally denied to participate in the program, and to remind users: "young man, do not be impulsive!" The cat nibbling the seeds in the second period "to sing" masked by the stage, he left a deep impression on the audience. No matter when playing performance, hey the audience to create new styles and five songs are extremely showing the sing on stage control. According to the hot, lively performance plus a voice. Netizens also talked about geothermal fire into the air, will have to spearhead the Wu mo. Netizens have confidence without thinking in micro-blog @ Wu Mo, and many swear. "I will not Miss Mo do not pass the exam," Wu Mochou didn’t eat my mobile phone "," Wu Mochou is obviously wrong, live to eat shit three pounds "," Wu Mochou, not live Fengyoujing "this voice is in a continuous line. Just netizens to revel in the "how am I so smart" self world, Wu Mochou was suddenly in the micro-blog responded: "now all netizens ridicule guessing money ah! I really don’t have a Kung Fu to spend huge sums of money! I’m not really." For a time, the Internet also face as one falls, another rises. Wu Mo micro-blog noted that "young man, do not be impulsive! Don’t confident to @ me, a little hips say it must be with me." Wu Mo must also want to remind users to do things twice, not to a program easily under oath, bet. But in the micro-blog under the message is also quite interesting, we have mixed feelings in upright Frank Wu Mochou stalks, also have to watch too netizen big thing: "those who eat shit, live your balm, honesty?" Of course, some can not extricate themselves "kiddies" can not accept the fact, insist that the cat is her seeds. "Guess" masked sing will be broadcast on the three, compared with last year, it is the element of mystery deepens. Before Afanda sister three not exposing the surface directly into the annual festival, the "melon cat" identity as Wu Mochou said after being denied, she is also only in the annual festival can see true colors? It also makes people look forward to the 20:30 Sunday night program. (commissioning editor Xing Dandan and Chen Haiyan) 吴莫愁否认是“瓜子猫”本尊 劝网友别冲动–人民网海南视窗–人民网   最近,江苏卫视《蒙面唱将猜猜猜》中“瓜子猫”讨论度可谓不小。观众对其在节目中热辣、活泼的表现来看,纷纷断定她是吴莫愁。并在微博上放出狠话,立下猜错“吃翔”“涂风油精”等赌注,还@吴莫愁本人。但没想到在前几日,被@千百遍的吴莫愁终于在微博上做出了回应,否认了参加节目,并提醒网友:“年轻人啊,做事别太冲动!”   嗑着瓜子的猫在第二期《蒙面唱将》一经登场,就给观众留下了深刻的印象。无论是出场时的表现力,嗨翻全场的喊麦以及别出心裁的五环之歌都极度展现了这位唱将对舞台的掌控力。据其热辣、活泼的表现再加上颇具特点的声音。网友们也是议论地热火朝天,纷纷将矛头指向吴莫愁。   自信的网友们也纷纷不假思索地在微博@吴莫愁,并立下众多毒誓。“不是吴莫愁我就考试不及格”、“不是吴莫愁我把手机吃了”、“明显是吴莫愁,猜错直播吃屎三斤”、“吴莫愁,不是直播风油精”这样的声音可谓是络绎不绝。就在网友们陶醉在“我怎么如此机智”的自我世界中时,吴莫愁竟突然在微博作出回应,调侃网友:“现在猜谜都下血本啊!我还真没功夫花巨资蒙个面!真不是我。”一时间,网上的打脸声也是此起彼伏。微博中吴莫愁还提到“年轻人啊,做事别太冲动!别在自信爆棚地@我了,小手一插腰说一定是我咋咋滴的。”想必吴莫愁也是想提醒网友们做事要三思而后行,不要为了一个节目就轻易下赌注、发毒誓。不过在此条微博底下的留言也是颇有意思,在大家纷纷感慨耿直率真的吴莫愁破梗时,也有看热闹不嫌事儿大的网友留言:“那些吃屎、直播风油精的,你们的诚信呢?”当然,更有一些无法自拔的“小可爱们”不能接受事实,还是坚持认为瓜子猫就是她。   《蒙面唱将猜猜猜》播出三期,相较去年,其悬疑的元素可谓是大大加深。前有阿凡达妹妹三期未揭面直接进入了年度盛典,现今“瓜子猫”身份为吴莫愁的说法被否定后,她是否也只能在年度盛典中才能一窥真面目?这也让人更加期待周日晚20:30的节目。 (责编:邢丹丹、陈海燕)相关的主题文章: