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WiFi master key investment information English version of Partical News- science and technology Sohu intellectual stuff (public No.: zhidxcom), the ash wise things in October 27th, due to pass before Sina chief editor Chen Tong to join, a little information of concern today. Exclusive reporter was informed that the current information in the English version of the Partical News is also financing, the scandal is currently the largest WiFi sharing platform WiFi master key, sources said the two sides are negotiating stage. In April 2015, a little information entered the U.S. market, launched the global strategy, the establishment of Particle Media Inc affiliate in Silicon Valley; at the end of July, a English version information Particle News landing App Store; in October, Particle News in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia four English national App Store news aggregator application "News" on the list. Even the founder of the network and CEO Chen Danian rumors of the investment Partical News WiFi master key, is a free WiFi shared by the former grand coalition founder Chen Danian APP. WiFi master key in the global cumulative download more than 900 million users, including overseas users of 100 million. WiFi manneungyulsoi had acquired a top-level domain WiFi, set up a branch in Singapore and began the process of internationalization, and invest a little information English version, or to its overseas business combination, to achieve the transition from Internet tools to platform level company. Synchronized with the international business, is the WiFi master key domestic version of information services, through the establishment of cooperation with the media, WiFi master key this year to provide users with personalized recommendation based information services. Currently, for the English version of Partical News specific financing situation and the amount of users, little information has not been disclosed. In a little information of parent company Partical, ifeng.com as the first major shareholder, holds 46.9% of the shares; millet is the second largest shareholder holding 30%; in July of this year, a little information issuance of preferred stock D round to affiliate OPPO, in exchange for the OPPO mobile phone pre installed 100 million. With the market Chinese intelligent mobile phone shipments slowdown, Internet companies in the local competition is gradually turning to the zero sum game, the overseas market has become a hotly contested spot, there may even be a little information turn overtaking opportunity.相关的主题文章: