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Debt-Consolidation Whatever the type of business, be it large or small, with a single employee or hundreds of staff, all are susceptible to that financial plague known as bad debt. It is a well-known fact that a business is only as strong as its customers. If those customers are not reliable when it .es to the payment of due bills, then without an effective system in place to recover the outstanding debt and maintain adequate cash flow, the business will head down the slippery slope to oblivion. Debt collection is a necessary aspect of every .pany. Most people at one time or another either forget or misplace an outstanding bill. A simple, polite, written reminder or telephone call is normally sufficient to nudge this type of debtor to settle their account and inevitably, immediate payment will follow. Next are the customers who be.e slightly overextended and will take a week or so over the normal 30-day credit period to settle their account. Finally we have what may be termed the serial debtor. This is a customer who, having received the goods or services from the business, just either cannot afford to settle the debt or indeed has no intention to do so. If a business carries out its own debt collection, it must remove staff from their existing jobs so they may be deployed chasing up the outstanding debts, unless of course, additional staff are specifically employed to carry out this function. In either event, it is not really cost-effective for the business to do this, since the first option would mean existing staff are unable to undertake the jobs for which they were originally employed, whilst the second option, will place additional expenses on the business. Debt collection can be very challenging and involves a lot more than just issuing a few letters to wayward debtors. If handled incorrectly, the business could lose not only money but valued customers and credibility and, in extreme instances, could find itself at loggerheads with the law. Outstanding debtors curtail business profits, restrict growth and more important, reduce cash flow available for business development. Debt collection .panies can reduce both the costs and risks involved with the process of recovering outstanding debts. A professional debt collection .pany has the experience necessary to issue non-threatening yet persuasive letters, that encourage the majority of debtors to settle their outstanding accounts in a time frame more acceptable to the business. As with any other type of business, there are both good and bad debt collection .panies. When selecting one, the business should look and examine the following points: the history of the .pany and its owners expertise of staff methods of debt collection experience in credit management client references calculation of fees A professional debt collection .pany will aid any business to increase cash flow, and retain good customer relations, whilst at the same time, freeing up its own staff and resources to take the business forward. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: