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Strategic-Planning Whether you require a valve for domestic or industrial use, you will always have to make the decision between using plastic valves or use metal valves. Both types have their benefits but when .pared to each other, it is fairly easy to see that the plastic valve will always .e out on top overall. Solid metal might seem to be the best material due to its strength but when you consider it can rust, is more expensive to install and is heavier, plastic is the way to go. Dont believe us? Then take a look at just some of the reasons as to why plastic valves are the better option for most purposes. Cost Savings and Installation Whilst the initial cost of purchasing a plastic valve is obviously lower than a metal valve, there are additional cost savings to be made. Installations costs are lower, maintenance costs are lower, they are cheaper to ship due to their weight, and they have a longer life than that of metal valves. Additionally, due to the plastic valves being lower in weight they are far easier to install. Just Resistance to Temperatures and Corrosive Chemicals Plastic valves are able to withstand just as high temperatures as their metal counterparts and are just as resistant to corrosive chemicals. In fact, there are a number of different types of plastics used in the creation of plastic valves that offering varying levels of protection. CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) for example, is a material that has been specifically developed to handle hot and corrosive liquids up to a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. On the other hand PP (polypropylene) has excellent resistance against chemicals, is extremely lightweight, and has extremely high impact strength. Greener, Rust-Proof, and Durable Another reason as to why a plastic valve should be considered over a metal valve is the fact that they require a lot less energy to build, thus not doing as much harm to the environment. .bine that with the fact that they will not rust and corrode like their counterparts, thus ensuring a longer life and more efficient flow rates throughout that life, and you have many reasons as to why the plastic valve is the better option. Summary As you can see, whilst metal valves might offer certain benefits over plastic valves, once you consider the overall package you will quickly realize just why plastic is the better option in this instance. They are better value, are more durable, have a longer life, and are even better for the environment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: