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Who’s faster? IPhone6s  VS Samsung Galaxy  Note7– people communication channel – People’s original title: who is faster? IPhone6s VS Samsung Galaxy apple and Samsung has always been the two giants in the communications market, the two sides regard each other as a strong competitor in the Note7. According to foreign media reported on 23 may digitalspy8, the running speed of iPhone6S has been undoubtedly ranked first. But with the advent of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, iPhone6S’s throne may be precarious. From a single parameter, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has an absolute advantage. It is equipped with 14 nanometer quad core 64 bit Qualcomm snapdragon 820 processor, dual core A9 chip uses far more than iPhone6S. At the same time, it’s running memory (RAM) is 2 times the apple. But after all the parameters on paper or data, who is better, or to test to know. Video site YouTube there is a comparison between the two video. In the video, iPhone6S only took 1 minutes and 21 seconds to complete the download and installation of an application, while Samsung Note7 spent a total of 2 minutes and 4 seconds. In the second round of speed competition, iPhone still won the championship. Thus, iPhone is still the king of running speed. Of course, iPhone6s and Samsung Note7 to compare the results obtained are not necessarily accurate, because there are many other factors affecting the test results. In contrast, the use of iPhone6s Plus may be more fair contest. (internship compilation: Miya Minzhi reviewer: Li Zongze (Yang Bo), commissioning editor: Zhang Ge)相关的主题文章: