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Beauty Getting into a cosmetology career means a variety of things. If it’s what you choose to do, then you can expect to be doing other people’s hair, nails, or whatever beauty needs they have. If you find that you have a particular talent, then you always have the option to make that your target career goal. Going to school for cosmetology can take anywhere from less than a year to over two years. The actual certification is just a few months of training, then what you do with it beyond that is up to you and is all about marketability. Bear in mind that in just a few months or even a year, you’ll only get a basic understanding of what cosmetology is and learn just enough for your standard, low-level job. Since the field is so broad, chances are there will be some things that you’re good at, and there will be some things that you aren’t. If you find something that you’re really good at, then you can go through extra schooling and specialize in it. Doing so will increase the money you make doing it, show employers or customers what you can do, and give you a better understanding of what you love most. Cosmetologists have a very random rate of pay, because it depends on several factors. The most important is that they rely on tips for the majority of their pay. These tips make up half, if not more, of what you will make in an entire year. It’s also important to know that whatever facet of cosmetology you end up doing, your pay will be reflected there as well. For example, if all you do is cut hair in a hair salon, you won’t make all that much, but if you get a job doing makeup for runway models and beauty styling, then you’re likely to get a lot more. Whatever your area of expertise ends up being, or whatever job you decide to take, you can bet that it’ll be around for good. That’s one of the greatest things about cosmetology: career security and stability. People need their hair cut or makeup done, and they always will, so no matter what happens in the world or to you, you’ll always have this to count on. Your job can be further secured by specializing and learning a lot more about the kinds of things that are here to stay. The kind of hours you can expect depend entirely on you. If you work in your average salon, then chances are your hours will be like any other job. If you have a contract to do a specific kind of work, then you’ll probably just do that work when it needs to be done, which could be daily, weekly, or even monthly. Alternatively, if you decide to open up your own place of business, then you’ll work as much as any business owner does, which can be a great deal of hours every week. What’s great about getting into cosmetology is that it’s easy, it’s quick, it’s cheap, and it’s a solid job. You can work just about anywhere and the hours are, more or less, up to you. You can specialize to go further and the money can be pretty good. However, generally speaking, the money isn’t really all that much. In most cases, it’ll be enough to get by, but not enough to live the life of luxury (unless, of course, you get lucky or really put yourself out there). Is a cosmetology career right for you? Consider all that has been discussed and decide for yourself. There’s a lot to it, and it’s not hard to get the tools you’ll need to get there. More importantly, it’s not hard to go above and beyond the field to get nearly any job you want. What you make of your particular career is up to you, but so long as the field of beauty styling is something that appeals to you, then the rest is pretty much as grand as your imagination makes it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: