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Health A career as a CNA is something you may or may not have heard about but it has potential to be a lifelong career choice that has rewards that are not only financial but personal as well. A CNA is on the main front of health care working directly with the patients. They may get the titles of home health aide, orderlies, and even nurses aides. They do the work of grooming, feeding, vital checks, and helping other nurses with medical equipment. The title of nursing assistant is not always deemed as highly as other positions but rewards occur due to the fact that CNAs are one of the most vital links to health care. If you have considered be.ing a CNA know that you need to have patience and .passion for patients. The hospital environment is incredibly fast paced and the workload is very high and hours long as well. Stress levels are also high and nursing assistants need to be able to keep their personal stress down too. Being a CNA is not for you if you think that it has its function as just a job that will get the bills paid. You cannot be a CNA and focus only on the money made. All CNAs must work as team players with the doctors and other nurses and possess good people skills. A home health aide will have some struggles in their daily dealing though. They must deal with being in un.fortable situations with both disabled and elderly individuals. Some medical conditions are not always easy to deal with either. Some patients may not recognize their families or think that they are in a different location than they really are. Some may also have violent tendencies as well. Sickness and death are daily dealings in the field as well. You may also fear aging because there are many patients who are elderly and suffer from other medical conditions. The people who would make good CNAs need to be involved in the medical .munity and have a strong desire to be there. You will be placed in the medical .munity but more for the individual personal care of patients and not as much on the medical aspect itself. CNAs also can feel important by knowing that they are directly impacting the lives of patients along with their families. A good CNA can make or break someones experience in the hospital by making them as .fortable as possible in their time of need. You will get to directly visit with patients and are their main source of interaction. Obviously, money is a good motivator for working and as a CNA you will make a starting rate between $9 to $14 per hour depending on your employer and the location that you are working in. State rates may vary along with the difference between hospitals and home health organizations. Your opportunity for advancement is also high because you will work directly with the nursing staff and can interact with them to ask questions about their experience. Be.ing a CNA can be a very rewarding career that offers more than just monetary .pensation. About the Author: essentials of hair: what it’s, how it grows, what procedure fundamentals of hair: what it truly is, how it grows, what process 相关的主题文章: