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Computers-and-Technology Have you ever heard of indie games? Probably yes, but for those who do not know the meaning, in this article will find many information as well as the presentation of the best games in this category. Let’s start right from the word "indie". This term indicates a small development team completely detached from the big production houses and and therefore does not receive money from these, for instance think of a group of guys working in a garage with talent, many ideas and little money. To get an idea of a indie release, think to evergreen classic games, such as: Super Mario, the first Castlevania, Zelda, Double Dragon, Final Fantasy, and even many others. Now add a modern graphics, which can make beautiful these games but avoiding to exaggerate to the point of creating hardware problems or a game too heavy. For the low cost of development through which the emerging developers can give free rein to their creativity, the final product can be enriched with new features. The last commercial phase, and also the most important, is that of the distribution. It is performed exclusively via digital delivery and for almost every major market, such as playstation network, xbox live, steam and sometimes even for smartphones and tablets. The final item have a excellent quality and a very competitive price, always less than 20 dollars, and in some cases even free. Thanks to this winning recipe, the indie games, with its dynamic formula, have gained a slice of the market generating concern to the majors, who in fact are starting to develop "little videogames" over the classic iper production with triple A. Let us now review the most popular indie titles. Considering that there are tons of titles, it is not easy to choose the most beautiful so this list is totally subjective, anyway, here are the most deserving indie games of recent times. Dream Of Pixels: Do you know Tetris? Surely you know how to play, well now imagine it in reverse: instead of mounting blocks, you have to separate them, while the world around you seems to stop and breathe deeply. The graphics are simply amazing and brilliant, and the idea is genial, so much so that Kotaku spoke with enthusiasm. Not everyone knows that behind "Dream Of Pixels" is the genius mind of the sons of "Dawn Of Play" and collaboration of Retronator. "Incredipede": With the design of Thomas Shahan and ideas of Colin Northway, the result is guaranteed! In this game we have to develop a monstrous creature and move it within the layers. In terms of graphics, "Incredipede" is definitely one of the most bizarre titles. For extravagant players who like to have to do with impossible creatures, and also for all those who love the puzzles, this title, with its many puzzle elements, it is not easy and will keep you busy for a long time. "Slender": If you like horror, this is the game that will test your mettle. In "Slender", fear assail you step by step especially when the black man, who chases you, will find you out and you have only a flashlight to defend yourself, it is just a stupid torch with which you will need to cross the woods, abandoned buildings and remote places. But all this effort to do what? Incredible but true: you just have to to collect the fragments. If you are faint of heart or make use of valerian for sleep, stay away from this game! If you are brave and you like the situations of fear, to tie in a chair and use headphones! "Jumpmaster": After winning first place of IGF China, could not miss on our list. Basically, "Jumpmaster" is a classic action game which takes place from top to bottom. As you descend, you have to dodge the enemies, collect power ups and sow chaos in the heavens. The hard features of the protagonist, in addition to the deep customization options have made famous this title, also noteworthy is the multiplayer mode. "Beast Boxing Turbo": Since the days of "Punch Out" we were waiting for something that we did have fun in a simple way and with a good dose of personality. "Beast Boxing Turbo" has the right qualifications to make us spend hours and hours of fun. The controls are simple, the characters and scenarios are originals and above all, contains a lot of rough stuff. The features RPG make it an interesting product. "Dear Esther": With a excellent graphics, flanked by emotional element, and supported by an incredible soundtrack, Dear Esther is one of the games that are never forgotten. The voices of the past, the nature and forgotten places known to bind to Jessica Curry, creating a unique spectacle. If you love travel introspective, this is the game for you. In Dear Esther will spend some time looking for what you have around you. If you have not tried it yet it is time to do so. "Maldita Castilla": If you are enthusiastic of retrogaming, you can not neglect the last work of Locomalito. Maldita Castilla swaps the famous Sir Arthur with Don Ramiro, northern Europe with Spain feudal and inserts Cervantes as bosses. As difficult as the titles of the older generations of consoles, with fantastic music and a game mechanics foolproof signed Gryzor87, this is one of the most entertaining and well-made games I’ve ever tried and is free to download also. It’s always nice to get back adolescents! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: