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[WB]31 on the auspicious square SMG football Turkey Hui Yong Abstract: the same odds odds company odds combination is not inexhaustible, a specific interval, the odds of the same structure will be repeated, the different structure of the combined odds play their what effect, historical performance throughout the same odds, can often find some breakthrough. Turkey vs Russia game time: 09 months 01 days 02:15 Turkey is currently ranked nineteenth in the world, the European Cup group phase team has lost fifteenth in Croatia and eighth in Spain, thirty-fourth Czech beat 2-0 at the end of the war but have been of no avail. The war team recruited several new, rich training means. Russia is now ranked thirty-eighth in the world, the European Cup group phase draw with the team after the thirteenth England 1-2 defeat to Slovakia at the end of the war in twenty-fourth, and 3 in eleventh goals down at the foot of Welsh. A victorious group phase out of Russia’s soccer coach also announced his resignation. The initial odds are 2.39 3.05 3, with the history of lost and found probability is 39%, a probability of 30%, win probability of 31%, data showed that occupy a certain advantage. According to the fundamental point of view, the two teams played against the record. From the trend of nearly 10 war in Turkey, a total of 6 wins, 1 draws and 3 losses against Spain, Croatia and England. Russia is 3 wins, 2 draws and 5 defeats, only last year to defeat Montenegro, Portugal and Lithuania. The Russian side bets, slightly better performance. Comprehensive consideration of the first choice of the two sides shook hands, and the election of Turkey win.相关的主题文章: