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Kim: three new board trading system reform what the sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say stocks contest out 60 million new board trading system reform – what the Goldwater national share transfer system set up 3 years of nearly ten thousand listed companies. Today, the national stock transfer system trading system reform has been referred to the national strategic level. Solve the problem of three new board liquidity is expected to become a new focus in the national stock transfer system listed companies after ten million. The national share transfer system trading system has the most comprehensive, the most complex, consisting of the delisting of the company and two network system is a collection of old three auction, three new board base layer are used to transfer agreement means innovation layer uses the mechanism of market maker. Ordinary people to understand the national share transfer system trading is not easy. Make market transactions by brokers and other market makers pricing; auction transactions and the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange almost the same transaction, mainly the transfer agreement, the initiative in the seller and the buyer. As a stock one to 1 yuan of money transfer, someone to transfer 100 yuan, if you think that the share price rose 100 times, that is wrong, many people do not understand the new board shares, the transfer agreement is mainly to blame. The transfer agreement is the seller and the buyer have agreed a good price, through the transfer system, because the three new board of shareholders list from Industrial and Commercial Bureau to securities registration company, the national share transfer system, the transfer agreement, less run Industrial and Commercial Bureau changes of shareholders. The transfer of the agreement provides a convenient transfer of ownership. However, the value of a company’s stake in the end how much, it is difficult to identify, decided by the parties to negotiate, the price difference is very large. In most cases, it is difficult to transfer the shares of listed company, and rarely deal with external shareholders, some shareholders have their own transactions and their own. Sometimes in order to change the shareholding structure, the need to transfer part of the equity to the associated account, but also the use of the transfer agreement, rather than business changes. Thus, the emergence of 1 yuan per share of the transaction, or even a transaction of $1 per share. The main purpose of this time is tax avoidance. Because the equity has not been sold, but in the transfer of related accounts on the transfer of a tax is not worthwhile. However, the agreement requires the transfer of the two sides to enter the seat number, after the transfer of the transfer can be achieved on the point of view, if there is no input seat number, may face the transfer of the external owner. Guangdong once had a shareholder transfer of listed companies are not familiar with the trading rules, forget the seat number, the stock was 1 yuan in. There’s really a pie in the sky. Later, the company tried to get the stock back, no success. So, they to vent their discontent to the national share transfer system, deliberately with amazing high transfer stocks, caused by the national share transfer system Public opinion is seething with indignation., to disrupt the market punished. The same company’s shares to 1 yuan of money transfer, and to the transfer of $100, which is the real price? In fact, whether it is the price of 1 yuan, or the price of $100, are shareholders themselves in the transaction, rather than a company’s real market price. Shareholders to 100 yuan and their own transactions in order to affect the market price theory相关的主题文章: