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Go on vacation with the Venice aristocracy? There are times in Italy machine magazine to see such a sentence: "how can the French Loire castle with us the villa than French marketing.", almost laughed, the Italians, he would not blame marketing people, what logic! In fact, Loire castle and the Veneto villa represent the political culture and a different way of life, is not what treasures of human history, but relatively high points; and Loire castle in the world famous, the villa do not know much, although as early as twenty years ago, the 24 villas in the Renaissance Dean Palladio is building design together with the ancient city of Vicenza was included in the world heritage list, but the Veneto region existing more than 4 thousand and 200 big and small from fifteenth Century to nineteenth Century the villa, Palladio’s masterpiece which are only a small part. Then the Veneto region? Why there are so many ancient villa? Listen to me slowly with you 818: these villas are called Venetian Villas, translated into Chinese called "Venice villa". Venice? Well done? The rivers of the tourist city, the carnival masks and singing gondoliers, the souvenir shops and crowds of visitors… It is now Venice… From eighth Century to years in the past one thousand years, a country called the Republic of Venice has long been the overlord of the mediterranean. In ancient times, a trade (rather than farming) as the starting point of the Republic (not the Kingdom) lasted for over one thousand years, they do not know how many enemies change dynasties round, this is really a magical presence. The heyday of the Venice territory even far expanding to a small part of Cyprus and Turkey, its name is Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia, Italian, Latin Serenissima meaning "the most distinguished". ?? I say the Veneto region villa and the Loire Valley castles are not comparable, because they are completely different. The castle is essentially a closed and tight defense armed building, at the same time they are the Lord of the castle (feudal lords or nobility) is a private residence, so as symbol of administrative center and right exists; while the Western villa originated from ancient Rome upper class country house it is the beginning, with leisure, is open and entertaining, neither power nor take armed fortifications in the Republic of Venice is even more so. ?? Connecting Venice and Padova’s Brent canal (Canal del Brenta) the two sides have dozens of villas in Venice. When the nobles of Venice on a boat called Burchielli from Plazza San Marco to paddle across the lagoon to power the town of Fusina, where the ship will be pulled by horses along the canal to Padova. Such a journey and full of charm: good to hear or see the ship slowly driving on the road in the canal?相关的主题文章: