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Business The recession of the demand is likely to help keep the rate of production of the global polycarbonate and nylon at 90% lately. Headquarter of the consulting firm, Chemical Market place Associates Inc., is located within the Texas Houston. Its global engineering resin director, Adrian Beale, forecasts that by 2012 the excessive production capacity of polycarbonate will make worldwide production fall to 70%. It includes a large-scale petrochemical facility with production capacity of 259000 tons that Saudi Kayam Company will put into production in 2011. What’s more, the competition in polyester fiber of nylon fibers will will begin to decline. If all this is true, then the teflon film prices will continue to decline. The decline of Dvd demand caused the crucial hit on the world-wide polycarbonate business. This continues teflon sheet can be purchased cheaply. Before that, optical media is the largest terminal market place of polycarbonate. Beale said, with a growing number of people who watch the movie and listen to music through downloading, soon optical media will no longer be the biggest application market for polycarbonate. He said that although the arrival of blue-ray Digital video disc technology may bring a little help, on the whole, “it will only make require polycarbonate far more orderly decline. Consumers pay attention to the content biphenyl A and other kinds of packaging of the dairy bottle. It will also affect the demand of polycarbonate within the field. The potential growth in polycarbonate may come from automotive parts and sheet material and film applications. Beale estimated worldwide polycarbonate capacity in 2008 yrs was approximately 3.31 million tons. The polycarbonate market “will need to find a necessary new application”. Beale thought that glass of car pane was a right choice. Although at this application it may need to do some improvement of polycarbonate performance. As for nylon, Beale said due to the competition launched by polyester, nylon fiber market will will begin to decline. Inside the world nylon resin production of 2.27 million tons every year, about 60% were used in fiber industry. The remaining 40% nylon is used in engineering plastic . Meanwhile, the field is affected by the depression in car market to be in declining state. Therefore, from now to 2013 expected, production of global nylon 6/6 resin will remain 80% or so and that of nylon 6 resin will be rather lower than this level. The smaller car with high efficiency of burning may bring new opportunities for nylon sheet. Parts of this kind of car are small, so they need extra heat-resistant materials. Further, with the ascension of goal mileage, people pay an increasing number of attention to weight loss and metal replacement. This also helps to improve the necessity nylon. He said: “within the future, the factor that promotes the development of nylon material marketplace will be engineering resin but not fiber. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: