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Tianjin bulletin ten from the rural grassroots micro corruption typical problems – Beijing this year, the Tianjin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Organization to carry out remediation and investigation of rural grassroots micro corruption "special action, 1 to August, has investigated the micro corruption issue 207, handle 230 people, including 141 people, transferred to judicial disciplinary action Department of 31 people, respectively over the same period last year growth of 196%, 195%, 88%, 288%. Recently, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin ten from the rural grassroots micro corruption typical problems are: the total Mycoplasma Beichen district party secretary Yang Jia Zui Cun Wu Fenglai together with others fictional "undocumented housing" fraud problem also moved to the housing and relocation allowance. 2011 to 2013, Wu Fenglai during the work of town village reconstruction headquarters, together with 8 villagers, fabricated housing locations and neighborhood, the fictional "undocumented housing" cheat relocation housing 47 units, worth about 24 million 460 thousand yuan; cheat relocation allowance 797 thousand and 800 yuan. Wu Feng was expelled from the party, and was transferred to judicial organs. District Chuang-tzu village committee, former member of the interception of the masses, the masses of the relief of the problem of corruption, the problem of relief for the masses of the people of the District of Jinnan. 2011 to 2013, Ge Ruli was in charge of the village poor people relief declaration and payment process, in violation of work procedures for the list and relief amount shall not be publicized, has 14 times the interception of 10 people relief funds totaling 3000 yuan. Ge Ruli was investigated by the party for two years. There are other communications problems, Jixian County west two hundred village Party branch secretary Wang Yongli original charge households and five households benefit fee, encroachment collective funds, by one year probation sanction; Ninghe District small thin former Secretary of the village Party branch Li Shuqing used his powers for others to defraud guaranteeing payment, punished by removal from Party Posts; Dongli District Mu Jia Tai Village Party branch committee Wang Yuqin made the list original village staff, cheat covers compensation and resettlement fees, being expelled from the party, and was transferred to judicial organs; Wang town Jinghai District Labor and social security service center owner Ren Ma Hongfa secretly arranged to take pictures and collect fees for the elderly living allowance, subject to probation for one year, demotion; Baodi District branch of the original Fucun Zhangfang Qu Secretary Li Yuansheng 3 village cadres embezzle food subsidies, 3 people by Li Yuansheng Expelled from the party, and transferred to judicial organs; Wuqing District Tong Lin village Party branch secretary Liu Jianhua for rural reconstruction subsidies, by the party a serious warning; Binhai seaside Street Committee, former member of Fang Shiqing, former director of the service center of agricultural rural animal epidemic prevention staff Huang Shutong false impersonator subsidies, two per capita by the party warning; former director He Qingxiang the work of Yangliuqing town Xiqing District Agricultural Service Center of serious dereliction of duty, resulting in huge compensation cheated, subject to probation for one year, demotion. From the point of view of the case of corruption, misappropriation, embezzlement, false impersonator, defrauding the deduction of interception of land expropriation, the transformation of old villages, benefiting agriculture and other micro corruption problems still exist. Next, Tianjin will continue to increase efforts to strengthen, enhance the sense of mass gain. (Jin Ji)相关的主题文章: