Three years old single 700 alarm to the police turns chatting to sleep

The single elderly three years 700 alarm police turns chatting to its original title: the single elderly sleep three years 700 alarm police turns chatting to her to sleep Yangzi Evening News (reporter correspondent Ren Guoyong Qi Wenxuan) "I think the neighbors are laughing at me, bully me a life", "the third floor of the family put the wires from get outside the window to charge the battery car, I think it’s dangerous, a threat to the safety of my life." Nanjing Maigaoqiao an old woman in the face of such details as the alarm. On the evening of 7, she was helpless alarm, police turns to accompany her, until she fell asleep. Police statistics over the past three years, she alarm up to 700 times. The police, the police alarm and chat with love chenlaotai 68 years old, never married, the family is in fairly good condition. The young can withstand the secular pressure has not been married, the older will make blind and disorderly conjectures. No wife, no children, no friends, living alone abnormal dull as ditch water Chen laotai. After a considerable period of time, she felt that the whole world is against her. The problem for the police, Chen Laotai to develop the habit of the size of things alarm. Maigaoqiao police station police Wu Shuang said: she sometimes hit one after another, we have to talk to her to her sleep." Police said Ding Li, 7 evening, with granny talked for two hours, it was impossible to move, for individuals to accompany her to chat, chat until she fell asleep on the phone, and she love a lot of myself, also does not allow others to speak, should be the need to talk. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: