These 4 cars are not necessarily mainstream but definitely challenging vision (video) 66814

These 4 cars are not necessarily mainstream but absolute visual challenges today we look at four appearance can be "amazing" to describe models, their design is different from general motors, some futuristic, some internal space beyond imagination, and the appearance of strange. If you can drive these cars into the street, you must be back one hundred percent. In August 21, 2016 the opening of the pebble beach show, Lamborghini released the Centenario coupe convertible version of the car, is to commemorate the brand founder fee Angelo Europe · 100 anniversary of the birth of Lamborghini; manufacturing, only a limited sale of 20 units, has been sold out. Convertible version of the Centenario design continues the hardtop version, still very offensive and sense of the future, and has a distinct feature of the Lamborghini family. The new car uses a carbon fiber monocoque body, the shell with carbon fiber, the weight is only 1570kg. This limited edition models will only be able to choose the name "Argento Centenario" silver paint, matt paint provides incomparable texture. The rear of the vehicle telescopic 150mm, upturned tail and body around 15° exaggerated turbolator constitute the whole car aerodynamics complex, can provide the greatest degree of under pressure. The car is equipped with the top 20, after Aluminum Alloy, 21 inch carbon fiber composite rim, design of fan blade type can be at a high speed to provide brake cooling. Dynamic new 2017 Lamborghini Centenario convertible version of the Centenario still appreciation provided by a 6.5L V12 engine, the maximum speed of the engine is increased to 8600rpm, the maximum power up to 0-100km amazing 566kW, H acceleration time of only 2.9 seconds, top speed of up to 350km H. In the carbon ceramic brake disc with the help of the new car 100-0km h braking distance is only 31 meters. In addition to four-wheel drive system, Centenario is used to enhance the control of the rear wheel steering technology. The interior of the new car and the appearance of the same full of sense of future. Support apple CarPlay LCD dashboard and console 10.1 inch touch screen and enhance the sense of science and technology easy to use is also more in control and also has a record of speed, time, G value, and with the optional two camera with video recording become. The day before, Rolls-Royce official in the United States (Pebble Beach ginseng, elegant picture, competition inquiry) officially released the phantom convertible version to create Beverly Hills Edition based on vision. The new car uses a unique metal orange car paint, visual effect is very beautiful. Phantom Beverly Hills Edition customized by Rolls-Royce Losangeles dealers, and handed over to Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke customization Department limited to build 1 units. The new car features a unique metal orange paint spray, with the classic silver drawing before the engine room, the official description of the new car will be like a sunset on the Pacific coast. Interior design.相关的主题文章: