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Business The workers are not a superman. Workers are ordinary human who can not fly, could be injured, could be affected by various diseases, and could also die. The worker is not a tool or a machine used to achieve the production goals. They are the human beings and should be considered as humans, humans who need prosperity, security and occupational health. However, what if the worker has been regarded as a tool or machine? There is a .pany that considers their employees as a superman. That’s the reality happened in a roof construction .pany in California, USA. Maybe they considered that their employees have the power to fly like superman or for another reason, so the .pany let their workers to work at altitude of 5-6 meters for doing job of roof installation without safety supplies at all. The consequences were highly fatal, several accidents occurred at the workers working at that height. May 11, 2006, a worker was killed while working at a height of 6.4 meters without safety vests. 4 months later on 21 September 2006, a worker fell and experienced a trauma at the head while working at a height of 5.7 meters, again its because of without safety supply. The owner and manager of the roof construction .pany had to bear the consequences of violating California laws that require wearing safety supplies while working at an altitude of 5-6 meters. The owner was fined 248,000 U.S. Dollars. The most pathetic thing is the both of them must be curled up behind prison bars. The workers working at the dangerous and high location should .plement them self with safety supplies, because they are not a superman who can fly from the altitude. Remind them immediately to work safely at the altitude and should follow these tips: Use a full body harness & safety line Get a work permit before starting work Install a safety net under the job sites Ensure the safety of the work floor Use an adequate lighting Do not underestimate the workplace safety because it could be, you will be.e the next victim of workplace accidents. To prevent the workplace accidents, we should always behave safely while working. World of work is the real world, not the theater or acting world of the superheroes. If this world is filled with the superhero or superman, then hospitals, physicians and occupational safety laws are not needed anymore. The employers should not underestimate the workers safety because they are not a superman. If you underestimate all safety laws, then maybe you will go in to the prison because of your negligence. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: