The wisdom of China to solve the crisis in Syria

To resolve the crisis in Syria Chinese wisdom — military — days before the Russian Foreign Minister 40 after tough negotiations, reached a ceasefire in Syria and promote the peace process plan. I hope it can bring new opportunities for the division of the office "to resolve the political crisis in Syria, briers." More than 5 years of the crisis in Syria has caused about 400000 people dead, about 5000000 people became refugees, displaced about 7000000 people, destroyed a large number of infrastructure and human development level of Syria civilization site, several decades ago, the country into an unprecedented humanitarian disaster. The chaos in Syria also continue to release the "Butterfly Effect", leading to the surrounding national politics, economy and people’s livelihood, security and other fields facing increasingly heavy pressure, more serious terrorist attacks in the world, causing the biggest refugee crisis since the end of World War ii. See the world more, military means and external interference can not solve the crisis, only the ceasefire ending violence and resort to political means to turn swords into ploughshares and let the people of Syria to return to peace, let the world get rid of a threat to the safety of the fuze. China was one of the first countries to call for a political solution to the crisis in Syria. As early as in 2012 China Syria has put forward the "six points" and "four suggestions", 2014 China put forward on the basis of "Five Principles", then put forward the "four steps" and "three persistence" framework. China’s constructive participation in consultations in the Security Council of the United Nations, actively promote the 15 members to bridge their differences, to reach consensus through play a unique role on the issue of Syria 2043rd, 2118, 2254, 2268, more than and 10 resolutions. China Syria international support group as the initial members, actively support the UN special envoy for Syria’s efforts to ensure the multilateral meetings involved in all of the Syrian issue. The Chinese were invited to Syria government officials and representatives of the opposition’s visit to China, and actively to promote peace talks. China has also provided a number of humanitarian assistance to Syria, neighboring countries and relevant international organizations to help Syrian refugees and displaced persons. China wisdom advocated harmony. Since the outbreak of the crisis in Syria, China has always advocated peaceful means to resolve conflicts and disputes, in order to promote the settlement of the Syrian issue to ease, to achieve political solutions to play a positive energy". Chinese adheres to "heaven is wisdom". Chinese resolutely safeguard the "UN Charter" advocated by the authority and the norms of international law, respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, against interference in a country’s internal affairs and its legal regime by force to subvert the practice, arguing that Syria’s future by the people of Syria to decide. The Chinese government has resisted pressure to use the veto 4 times in the UN Security Council to prevent further deterioration of the situation in Syria. Chinese wisdom and harmony. We advocate the Syrian issue relevant parties should listen to each other and understanding, through the development of broadly representative and inclusive dialogue, mutual make necessary compromise, to each other and, finally find solutions to all parties legitimate concerns and interests. China’s wisdom to pursue treatment. Just like Chinese medicine, see through skin striae, bone marrow, deep root of philosophy that China Qubing, both advocate)相关的主题文章: