The Weekend

Sports-and-Recreation For health and sports buffs, this is a .mon term used for people with 8 to 5 jobs who seldom play the sport they love and have the time to do them usually on weekends. Typically, weekend warriors play their guts out to show their peers that they are still a worthy opponent, and can give a good fight in the game. They play basketball as if they can run a fast break, shut down an opponent on the other side of defense, or perhaps go for that hundredth yard touch down without breaking a sweat. Awesome isn’t it? These people subject their untrained bodies to strain and stress and are pushing it to the limits. It is true, athletes push themselves to the limit; to run faster, jump higher, and be stronger. But these are athletes gifted with a different kind of body. One can not see the perils of a weekend warrior if he or she can not witness one slump to the floor because of a heart attack. When we left school and faced the reality of life and work, we seldom find the time to exercise and enjoy the sport that we love. We have replaced gym hours with overtime work seldom even leaving that cubicle for countless number of hours. Then suddenly at a boy’s night out, you meet your former team captain who coaches the local high school basketball team and invites you to a weekend game. Planning your days prior to the scheduled game you put a reminder on the planner that you would get up and jog so as not to embarrass yourself during the game by tiring easily. But you just can’t get yourself up and wear your sweatpants. Then the day .es, you wear your kicks fresh out of the box, wear one of those neopherene knee braces (which is hardly of any use since the pain in your knees are caused by being over weight and not an injury) and sport on a replica jersey of your famous idol. The whistle blows and the game starts. There is running, shoving and pushing around then suddenly a collapse on the floor and an artery has burst! This is the risk of the weekend warrior – too eager, with a modest conditioning. If you are planning to play over the weekend, condition your body by walking and gradually replacing the walk to a jog as day progress. Then consult a cardiovascular doctor if you will be involved in an active aerobic strenuous sport. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: