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Landscaping-Gardening Ok you have your pool, hot tub and spa all planned out what is next? How about planning the ultimate patio grill. Today there are so many features that can be had in an outdoor grill it can be overwhelming to decide on what you want in a grill. Do you want an island grill or a freestanding grill? Some advantages of a free standing grill is you can move it from patio to poolside or wherever the party is. An island grill can have more features such as a refrigerator; sink and a bar close at hand. Another feature of an island grill is it can be plumbed for natural gas that way your party is never cut short by a lack of propane. At one time your only choice in grills was charcoal or propane they all came in black only today there are so many choices not only in finishes but also in fashion. Anyone who has purchased a $99 grill brought it home assembled it and watched the burners rust out and the igniter quit working in less than a year has look longingly at those nice shiny stainless steel grills. However the real meat is in the inside even the cheap grill shells were made from aluminum which never rusts the problem was with cheap guts steal burners and racks would rust out seemingly overnight. Today’s quality grills have stainless steal burners and or ceramic. They also provide a way to evenly cook the food unlike old cheap grills that seam to burn in one area and leave your meat raw in another area. Spending a little more on a quality grill will save you money in the long run. Although gas grills have been replacing charcoal grills in recent years many cooks prefer to use charcoal. There are some grills on the market that use either gas or charcoal so for that quick hamburger during the week you can fire up the gas side and quickly cook your burger on the weekend you can utilize the gas to light the charcoal and slow cook your meat in true BBQ fashion long and slow with low heat. The area of the country you live in will have a great effect on your grill choices if you live in an area that is conducive to year around grilling you may opt for an outdoor kitchen complete with a grill, refrigerator, sink and even a dishwasher ect. These luxury outdoor kitchens can be made to match your patio decor your island can be made out of brick, stone or almost any other materials that matches your patio. There are only two limitations to the ultimate grill the first is your imagination almost anything you can think of in and outdoor kitchen is available today. The second and usually the most limiting factor is money unfortunately for most of us finances will limit us in our quest for the ultimate grill. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: