The trump card premiere Andy Lau guard powder eager broke out on the spot verbal jint

The "trump card" premiere Andy Lau guard powder eager broke out on the spot Sina entertainment news 21, the film "ace ace" held in Beijing with the premiere, director Jing Wong [micro-blog] with two ace film Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming [micro-blog], however, Ouyang and Hu Nana, Xie Yilin, Wu Yue [micro-blog] [micro-blog] at Huang Xiaoming, with Andy Lau’s lamp card play, fans mentality is completed. Talking about their role, Xie Yilin revealed himself in the film and Andy Lau kissing was deleted bad. Andy Lau responded that he now has a wife have a daughter can’t kiss. Near the end of the day, there are fans want to be pushing Andy Lau security, protecting powder eager broke out on the spot, "perfect idol" fully deserve. Andy Lau tells the story of Andy Lau’s treasure, embarrassed and Huang Xiaoming’s strong hand for his wife and daughter: Luo Jiahao deleted the "trump card" customers make ace, win the "God seed" adventure story. The premiere of the beginning, Jing Wong with a public key creative power, Huang Xiaoming took the "Chinese" word signs play, admits that he had long been a fan of Andy Lau, was shot and revealed that "Shanghai" is Andy Lau’s own choice. The film plays Sophie Xie Yilin says he is "God smiled and said the film harvester", several men of God have to seduce her part. However, Xie Yilin said that the original in the film and Andy Lau kissing, but finally by Andy Lau. In this regard, one side of Andy Lau said with a smile, he now has a wife has a daughter, can not just take this play. Xie Yilin sees that can not be reconciled, like small [micro-blog] possessed, said, can not kiss, can touch, at the instigation of the host Nelson, said his erotic film volunteered as early as twenty years to play director, got aside Jing Wong very embarrassed. Andy Lau eager to support powder broke out on the spot in the activity, Liu Yiwei led the movie "I said is true" crew to come off, Andy Lau jokes that he is looked up, more the first run, and performed a comic Clay oven rolls. Subsequently, the "strong voice" as a foreign aid in red, with a fan play, a classic Andy Lau fans mentality will ignite the skewer. After Andy Lau came to power in the host and the audience of the egg, the scene from the movie’s theme song "smile,", and with Huang Xiaoming, "strong voice" singing up together. Then, in near the end of the day, gathered at the stage right fans may want to have close contact with the idol, the security was pushing, Andy Lau looked at the table in the photo excited stepped forward to stop, even after the jump down by pushing greeting fans, called the "perfect idol". It is reported that the film will be landing in theaters nationwide on October 1st in the national archives. (An Dongwen) (commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: