The treasure, Huarun clash again Dong’e county is the next – Vanke Sohu securities splitit

The treasure, Huarun clash again: Dong’e county is the next – Vanke Sohu securities who did not expect, Dong’e E-Jiao (000423) of the semi annual report will be so concerned. In August 13th, Dong’e E-Jiao 2016 semi annual results, Boland department under the Qianhai life insurance Limited by Share Ltd by Haley annual products in the two quarter of Dong’e county were overweight, the Boland Department has become the third largest shareholder of Dong’e County, the red placards stake of nearly 5%. Vanke equity dispute in full swing on the occasion, the treasure department at this critical moment another battle on the Dong’e donkey, what is up? Why are the treasure when Dong’e Jiao Jiao had, just released semi annual report, is a lot of market investors as "unsatisfactory". This is because, according to earnings data, operating income of 2 billion 674 million yuan during the reporting period, an increase of 4.99%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 829 million yuan, an increase of 7.36%, net profit growth rate to fall. Market even more surprisingly, the net cash flow from the first half of Dong’e E-Jiao operating activities was -9.09 billion yuan, down 1305.34%. However, in the capital market, in particular, the company’s actual control, executives and treasure energy system holdings action, or make it further uplift of the stock price. For example, in August 22nd after the opening, Dong’e E-Jiao shares opened higher to go, to increase more than 9% 13, the highest price reached 63.63 yuan, a record high. "China Economic Weekly" reporter noted that since the beginning of June, the company’s share price will show a gradual upward trend, Wind data show that in June 2016, July, August, the company’s share price rose 14.18%, respectively, 10.55%, 7.96%, a total of more than 30%, far more than 5.79% over the same period the performance of shenzhen. At present, Dong’e county is the Huarun group’s pharmaceutical companies, the largest shareholder of the company to Huarun Dong’e gelatin Co. Ltd., the shareholding ratio of 23.14%. It is worth noting that Dong’e County suffered Boland Department holdings again, as the largest shareholder of Huarun pharmaceutical investment and concerted action of Huarun Dong’e E-Jiao is not weakness, the two quarter of this year, from April 20th, May 5th through the two grade market holdings of shares of approximately 30 million 476 thousand shares, representing 4.66% of total share capital, to consolidate the holding position. In a macro research department Zhanbo chief analyst Li Ruihua said that the Qianhai Insurance Holdings Dong’e E-Jiao, should be to stabilize and even enhance the product revenue. Since last year, A shares market experienced a rare adjustment, the market is also marked with excellent performance, a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the value of stock investment valuation lower gradually, with Dong’e as the representative of the gelatin pharmaceutical Whitehorse shares is one of them. In the environment of asset allocation shortage, increase the quality of Listed Companies in the allocation of equity, venture capital is to seek the optimal choice of asset liability management. An analyst on the China Economic Weekly reporter, said the Department of treasure can be very good at choosing to invest in the enterprise, from the Department of treasure investment data analysis in recent years;相关的主题文章: