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The traffic police facelift new raincoat new raincoat has been allotted to the police after the line – Beijing snow and slippery road traffic police on duty are not familiar to us a black raincoat, is replaced by a fluorescent yellow raincoat. Yesterday, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the traffic control department, the Ministry of public security installed the new police raincoat has been sent to the hands of front-line police, new police raincoat body fluorescent yellow reflective strips with high brightness, waterproof, breathable fabric. BYD reporter learned that the new raincoat is on Sunday night after another sent to the hands of the police. "The new wind and rain suits are very warm and warm, and the color is very eye-catching. Clothing design is also particularly humane, chest hanging on both sides of the radio station location." A front-line police said. In the past encountered bad weather on the road, the traffic police are dressed in black raincoat, in order to safety, and then set up a layer of reflective vest outside. "It’s not very comfortable to wear a suit. Now, the cotton padded jacket and a layer of warm wind and rain, not afraid of wind and rain, and like a conspicuous fluorescent lamp stand there, absolutely safe." Police said. In recent years, the traffic control department to front-line police equipment equipped with "warm heart". In early 2013, new equipment — Beijing Traffic Police Brigade police all continue to release the winter on duty self heating vest, foot warmers and collar. The charging battery is connected with the left pocket of the self heating vest, so as to achieve the effect of heating in the back part. In addition, according to the Beijing haze, dust weather occurred frequently, causing harm to the health of front-line police officers on duty, the Municipal Public Security Bureau police 2013 allotted a mask requirements in the case of fog and other inclement weather, frontline police on duty on duty can wear masks. This is the first time Beijing police dressed in uniforms (uniforms) to allow the police to wear masks. Related news "unreasonable" signal will be fully adjusted to solve the traffic signal timing is not reasonable, traffic signs and markings "invisible, not clear, cannot read" problem, the traffic control department will organize the local traffic detachment traffic signal lights, traffic signs on the area to conduct a comprehensive investigation, not to easy to observe, ambiguous and misleading problems such as centralized rectification and perfect. Today, the traffic control department will be the Spring Festival in the city signal inspection rounds, before the existence of the problem of the timing adjustment rate reached 100%. The process of investigation, the local traffic detachment will be based on the tube in signal lamp control crossing situation, find out the base and related information, to further improve the electronic information archives. At the same time, collect and sort out the road on duty police, co management of traffic lights to adjust the views and suggestions. In the order of operations, the traffic control department to solve traffic signs dirty damage, poor location, ambiguous and so on, listen to community suggestions, insist on checking while the whole, bianzhengbiangai, ensure traffic facilities "visible, see clearly, understand". By the end of 2013, and strive to achieve the city’s traffic facilities intact rate of 100%, showing a clean and good image of the city, improve traffic fine willow相关的主题文章: