The strength of the sun to help the healthy growth of the Sohu soundless and stirless Bao mother yo te amo

The strength of the sun to help the healthy growth of Sohu – soundless and stirless treasure treasure without maternal winter sun? You have a big loss of Winter is coming, a day than a cold, without the sun, it is a small step and do not want to go out, But, once was a sunny day, we are the South "the room is so cold, warm out." in fact, regardless of the north and south, as long as it is in winter. Sunshine is the best gift of nature, basking in the warm, not too comfortable. Especially the treasure, often nothing out of the sun, the body warm, it is still the most superficial feeling, the strength of the sun to help Bao soundless and stirless healthy growth, so afraid of the winter cold is the treasure, the little guy "circle" in the house of the Baba mama, is not a big loss? All living things depend on the growth of the sun ah, so little sunlight: the effect of vitamin D in the body mainly from where? Must be sunshine, the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is contained in our skin; vitamin D3 is to create, through access to the sun’s ultraviolet rays converted into vitamin D, with it, we will be able to uptake and absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Love the sun treasure, bones to the sou sou sou stocky, those babies rickets, rickets ah, want to take advantage of loopholes to be difficult, holding the treasure in the sun like Baba Mama adults, the sun can also help prevent osteoporosis. More sun, treasure skin will not…… I still have a little bit of beauty concerns, if Xiao Nan said, treasure more sun to prevent skin diseases, I wouldn’t be surprised? Ultraviolet irradiation of the skin on the skin of the bacteria to kill effectively, the skin’s resistance will naturally increase, but note that appropriate. The sun is a kind of benefit N thing, in addition to those above, the immune function of treasure, will benefit get enhancement, increased phagocytic activity, after all, the UV rays of the sun is not worthy of the name, people have very strong sterilization ability, as long as the sun for half an hour or a few hours in the sun, and the general bacteria some virus ashes to ashes. The weather can be emotional about this, Baba Mama has deep experience? The sunlight can mediate and psychological aspects of human life rhythm, don’t look at the small treasure, the sun came out, the little guy will Beaming with Joy click. Because the sun can promote the body’s blood circulation, enhance the ability to regulate the metabolism of the central nervous system…… All help to this, can not feel comfortable? Well, the treasure in the sunshine comfortable, smiles are coated with a layer of gold, your invisible ultraviolet light, the little guy’s bone marrow is to stimulate the production of red blood cells and improve the hematopoietic function, can prevent anemia. Treasure. Well, the sun is not one little effect, everyone can feel that the old rules, things might not have cheap, Bao sun also pay attention to, uh, note the time to play: in winter, the ozone layer will be seasonal and too weak, the sun’s ultraviolet rays will strengthen. Regardless of the consequence is to bask in the sun, it is easy to damage the treasure body, so.相关的主题文章: