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The State Council third times inspection line, Du Du witnessed: quasi deep, supervise real – Beijing, Xinhua news agency Xinhua: Shenzhen in September 25 to governor, governor, governor real quasi — third times the State Council inspection line witnessed the Xinhua News Agency reporter Anbei, Chen Yuxuan of the State Council third times inspection is carried out in the country. The on-site inspection, inspection group held a forum to take random inspection object, field visits and other forms of supervision, supervision to quasi deep, supervise real, found the problem, conducting pressure and promoting major policy initiatives, key investment projects, an important livelihood projects to accelerate the floor. Tenth days before reporters to follow the State Council inspection team field inspection in Shenzhen, experience the first inspection work. Listen to the sound from the front line to listen to the voice of the inspection work can be an antidote against the disease ". The central policy implemented well? NPC deputies and CPPCC members from all walks of life, as well as entrepreneurs in the market have the right to speak. "I hope that we can speak freely." In the inspection group and the 13 NPC deputies and CPPCC members and entrepreneurs forum, the tenth inspection team leader, director of the State Administration of Taxation Wang Jun Carter, general manager of Shenzhen City Enterprise Services Limited company Wei Qiang seized the floor: "enterprises encountered development bottleneck, need policy support." An octopus is a comprehensive foreign trade service platform, more than one hundred thousand small and medium-sized enterprises through this platform for customs clearance, tax, logistics, foreign exchange and other foreign trade process. In 2015, through a platform more than $15 billion in exports. Wei Qiang said that the current regulatory authorities will not reach a platform for visibility management, but follow the existing policy, the foreign trade major. The problem is that, through the platform of foreign trade process, once there are irregularities in the enterprise, the risk is borne by the platform. This platform is expected to declare the 1 million 570 thousand pen business, if the 1/10000 problems, there are 157 pens, the platform will face a variety of taxes, fines and even downgrade." Wei Qiang said. "Internal risk control?" How to classify and manage the enterprise on the platform?" Further questioning, Wang Jun said: "the inspection team will enterprises put forward opinions and suggestions to reflect to the relevant aspects of the State Administration of Taxation will also require the taxation department of Shenzhen City special research organization, platform enterprises should also strengthen customer classification management, good internal risk prevention and control." For low-income housing vacancy field verification of interrogation pulse on one side is the high cost of housing for migrant workers, while the low rent housing a large number of vacant housing idle, the construction and management of security is one of the supervision of the three special. Supervision to see is true". Open tap tap water, press the light switch is not bright, open the window ventilation lighting is good. The inspection team arrived at the Shenzhen city Longgang district by district Fuyuan security field to understand the construction and distribution of housing. District 576 sets of affordable housing is currently vacant 162 sets. Inspection team asked the housing management department staff on the vacancy reasons. The staff said that the construction of the low-income housing is intended as an enterprise with staff Baolong Industrial zone"相关的主题文章: