The Russian military assault readiness inspection to NATO demonstrations Russia responded – Sohu Mil

The Russian military assault readiness inspection to NATO demonstrations? Russia responded – Sohu Military Channel Xinhua news agency in Moscow in August 27, the Russian permanent representative of NATO Grush C said 27 Russian military assault readiness inspection are intended to improve the combat effectiveness of the armed forces, no threat to other countries. Grush C told the media that Russia has to the OSCE informed the readiness inspection area, the number of participants and tasks, NATO to the Russian readiness inspection also informed, "if NATO that the Russian military readiness inspection is" warlike and show strong behavior ‘, so they just give their future military ready to find an excuse". 25 this month, the Russian began readiness to conduct surprise checks, covering the southern military region, Western military region, the Central Military Region and the Beihai fleet, commander in chief of the military air Department, airborne command is also involved in the exercise. Related to military and troops have entered a state of readiness. This readiness inspection will continue until 31 this month. In recent years, NATO in Europe, especially the Russian border region increasing deployment of troops, this situation makes Russia worried. In response, the Russian held several large-scale assault readiness inspection and combat exercises, in order to improve the quality and management of military organs military readiness.相关的主题文章: