The opponent is helpless Chinese will alternate Bangkok war hard but not pressure

Opponents: alternate Bangkok is helpless Chinese will battle hard but little pressure to accept an interview with sina Qatar captain AFC sports news the evening of November 15th, Russia 2018 World Cup Asian qualifiers 12 race continues, China soccer team will be based in Kunming against the visiting Qatar Qatar international soccer team, before al jaldo, accepted the AFC official interview Qatar, said the captain, the team did not direct flights to Kunming because there is no landing permit against Chinese game will be more difficult, but the team has no pressure for the game is full of confidence. [the fight! The country foot behind the small intelligent prediction? [] new 1 yuan to see] the following is an interview with reporters: Flying fragment: the journey to Kunming? Halldor Adams: as everyone knows we do not fly from Doha to Kunming, because the team did not have landed in the Kunming license, eventually reluctantly alternate Bangkok, the team spent the night there, now just arrived here, this kind of situation leads us against China competition will become more difficult, but we will still fight. Reporter: after such a difficult journey, how will you prepare for the game? Halldor Adams: in the course of training today, you can see that we are very relaxed, and no great pressure, after such a long journey, I think the first thing to do is to restore the physical team, in this respect our doctor and physios are the best, I am sure for this game we are confidence. (new body)相关的主题文章: