The morning sky a man by the district residents a muffled up (video)

The morning sky a man by the district residents a muffled by the newspaper news (reporter Ceng Yanyan) "bang" sound, a quiet village, sounded weird sound. After that, the security patrol played a flashlight, found a man lying in front of the building, there has been no signs of life, scattered around the goods, men are likely to fall from the 3 floor. This is yesterday morning about 2:50, in a villa Xianyue road huayue. At 3 pm, following the road villa Xianyue, some people had been sleeping, suddenly woke up. Then the police cars arrived. Originally, security patrol, found a residential building in front of the ground, lying in a middle-aged man. The man had a lot of blood, and there were some things scattered around him. "It seems to be taken from upstairs. It should be something on the windowsill."." Area residents said, security guards and police flashlight, layer by layer to find, finally found the 3 floor of the window off a chunk of things, very consistent with the fall on the ground. Some residents heard the noise outside and came out to check it out. Emergency personnel arrived, the men were checked, found no heartbeat and breathing. First floor residents recalled, 1 am, once heard outside the window has abnormal sound, similar things fall, but then the family did not put on the heart. Do you stumble or fall, or do you commit suicide? At present, the police have made further investigation on the cause of death. (Xiamen network (micro-blog)) video: 7! The young from the 23 floor miraculously survived shocking falls! The young from the 23 floor miraculously survived falls >

凌晨天上掉下一个男人 小区居民被一声闷响惊醒本报讯(记者 曾嫣艳)“砰”的一声,静悄悄的小区里,响起了怪异的声响。之后,巡逻的保安打起了手电筒,发现某幢楼前躺着一名男子,已经没有生命迹象,身边散落的物品看,男子很可能从3楼处坠落。这是昨日凌晨2时50分左右,发生在仙岳路华岳山庄的一幕。凌晨3时许,仙岳路华岳山庄小区内,一些早已睡下的人们,突然被吵醒。随后,警车陆续赶到。原来,保安在巡逻时,发现小区某幢楼前的地上,躺着一中年男子。男子流了不少血,身边还散落着一些东西。“好像是从楼上带下来的,应该是窗台上的东西。”小区居民透露,保安和警察打着手电筒,逐层往上找,最终发现3楼的窗台边掉了一大块东西,与落在地上的东西很符合。一些居民听闻外面嘈杂,纷纷出来查看。急救人员赶到后,为男子进行了检查,发现已没有心跳和呼吸。一楼的居民回忆,凌晨1时许,曾听到窗外有异响,类似东西落下,但当时家人也都没有放在心上。是失足落下坠亡,还是跳楼轻生?目前警方已经对男子死因作进一步调查。(厦门网(微博))相关视频:惊心!少年从23层坠楼奇迹生还 惊心!少年从23层坠楼奇迹生还 >相关的主题文章: