The man pretended to investment fraud in the 800 thousand Yunnan copper mine Tengchong Trinidad poli homefront

The man pretended to investment fraud in the 800 thousand Yunnan copper mine Tengchong Trinidad police capture new network – escorted to justice Yin Haishan photography Yunnan network (reporter Yang Zhihui) man claiming to grasp the core technology of copper slag refining, invite others to jointly operate investment copper slag smelting. Defrauding 800 thousand yuan investment funds, disappeared in Burma to look for a copper mine boss to buy copper ore by negotiation. During the Mid Autumn Festival, Yunnan Tengchong police removed more than 2 thousand kilometers in Jiangxi province Dingnan county the suspects 800 thousand yuan contract fraud fugitives arrested. "I was a surname Luo Jiangxi 800 thousand yuan contract fraud." In early 2016, a Tengchong City Public Security Bureau of economic investigation team report to zhao. Originally, Zhao and Luo after a friend introduced, Luo said master core copper slag refining technology, invite Zhao, Lee and others to jointly invest in Jiangnan Village Song Shi Zhen jointly engaged in copper slag smelting. In the meantime, Luo for Zhao’s investment, fabricate a variety of reasons to let Zhao investment in copper smelting business projects, Zhao and Lee together invested 800 thousand yuan to pay all of the investment, and signed a contract with the project. He received 800 thousand yuan investment funds, to leave Tengchong to Burma to find copper mine boss negotiations to buy copper ore on the grounds, then disappeared. Subsequently, the battalion deployed veteran soldiers and able captains set up a task force to investigate the case, found in the Song Shi Zhen and no investment, copper smelting projects, but also did not obtain the relevant qualifications of copper mining smelting, after careful search, has not found traces of luo. The Mid Autumn Festival approaching, the ad hoc police continuous fighting, intensify efforts in pursuit, after a lot of work, finally found the whereabouts of Romania in Dingnan County of Jiangxi city of Ganzhou Province in September 9th. The police immediately rushed to Jiangxi, in Dingnan County Public Security Bureau under the assistance of success will Luomou arrested. September 15th, Luo was escorted back to the detention center in Tengchong detention center, the case is being further processed.相关的主题文章: