The government of the Macao Special Administrative Region has launched the outline of sea law for pu rainism

The Macao SAR government launched the "maritime law" for public consultation – Beijing, China News Agency, Macao, November 14 (reporter Longtu) was informed that the sea law reporter held from 14 "public consultation on the press conference, the Macao SAR government from November 15th onwards, the public consultation" sea outline law ", the consultation period for 30 days. Since the State Council on December 20, 2015 by the Decree No. 665th announced the "People’s Republic of China Special Administrative Region of Macao administrative region map", according to the official Management District of Macao 85 square kilometers of sea area. The Macao SAR government attaches great importance to the management of the sea, established by the leadership of the chief executive of the "sea area management and Development Commission", as the unified management of the sea area use and development, effective implementation of the law by sea by the sea, the task given by the state of science. And the establishment of the legal bureau, the Economic Bureau, the Tourism Bureau, the maritime bureau and the Environmental Protection Bureau and other departments jointly composed of the sea outline law drafting group, the relevant legislation and drafting work. Justice secretary Liu Dexue pointed out that the drafting of regulations for group 6, respectively, is to ensure that the marine development zone in the overall interests of the country, perfecting laws and regulations, and fill the waters the implementation of marine functional zoning and the protection of the marine ecosystem, improve water quality, and promote the economic sustainable development and diversification. Liu Dexue said, sea outline act is a framework of the law, to be introduced after the implementation, will gradually improve the relevant laws and regulations. He said, will strive for the next year, the sea outline act on the legislative process. (end)相关的主题文章: