The general principles of civil law draft submitted for deliberation again for 2017 by the Sohu news

The general principles of civil law draft submitted for deliberation again for 2017 by the Sohu News – twelve twenty-fourth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee held the first plenary session of the morning of October 31st. The meeting heard a number of amendments to laws and regulations and draft. On the general principles of the civil law draft of the report on the revision of deputy director of the NPC Law Committee by Li Shishi. Compared with the reviewer, draft two reviewers will guardianship scope, temporary guardianship, guardian guardianship recovery measures, guardianship system to further modify and improve the rural collective economic organization legal status to be clear commitment to corporate mergers, after the establishment of the rights and obligations of members of the legal provisions and the abuse of profit the rights of the legal system of the consequences to be perfect. In addition, to strengthen the protection of personal information of citizens, the provisions of the special rules of litigation prescription starting sexual abuse of minors. The first step of compiling civil code schedule of civil code (i.e., the general principles of civil law) by the NPC Standing Committee, to draw the March 2017 meeting of the twelve National People’s Congress of the fifth meeting of the. The second step codification of the series – in the first half of 2018 the NPC Standing Committee – by the National People’s Congress for deliberation in stages, in March 2020 will be brought to the civil code of each series of National People’s Congress passed, so as to form a uniform civil code. For the first time to consider the June 27, 2016 main aspect 1 fetuses have civil rights 2 age limit civil capacity down to six at the age of 3 is expected to be incorporated into the scope of protection of the elderly guardianship system to make 4 new classification of legal 5 proposed new civil subject "organization" 6 virtual currency or will have legal protection for the 7 courageous wounded were rescued, encouraging compensation the two review in October 31, 2016 1 the main attraction of personal information protection in any organization or individual shall illegally collect, use, processing and transmission of personal information, not illegal, disclose or sell personal information provided. The 2 limitation of sexual assault of minors have been raped victims over eighteen years of age limitation since the date. 3 rural "legal person" rural collective economic organizations have the conditions of the legal person, obtain legal person qualification. 4 the people’s court to revoke the guardianship guardianship, the law specifies the new guardian; parents of minors guardianship revocation, repentance situation, as the case to restore its guardianship. Case aspects of juvenile sexual assault after the age of 18 can recover? The case of Anhui Qianshan dawn primary school principals Yang Qifa on a number of young girls repeatedly implementation of sexual assault; Huanggang town Tongbai County Henan village primary school teacher Yang Shifu molested the class than girls…… Minors have suffered sexual assault cases in recent years, frequent exposure. Minors were sexual offender may sometimes be his guardian, and some of the victims because of the small age agency etc.相关的主题文章: