The first Sino French cultural and creative industries in Paris exchange salon held – International

The first Paris Sino French cultural creative industry exchange salon held – International – winners and guests took Paris in October 8, ( Li Yongqun, Wang Yuan) European Times "European Times" 8, combined with the six University of Paris held the first joint Paris Sino French cultural creative industry exchange Salon (referred to as "Paris winchance"). Nearly 50 members of the Sino French cultural exchanges in the field of the jury for the European fashion fashion – the most in institutions selected, and watch all kinds of cultural institutions exhibition and performance. With the China cultural strategy of "going out" on the global context of growing demand, European Times Media Group launched in July this year, Sino French cultural and creative activities in media platform "new euro era", is committed to Sino French cultural activities organizations to recommend the most vibrant, build resource cooperation and interaction for the platform. The introduction of the initial collection of nearly 70 French institutions and communities settled, recommended more than 600 cultural and creative activities. In this opportunity, the European era platform held the first session of the European era fashion – most of the in activity agencies online selection, 10 institutions to enter the finals. These institutions, or in France to promote Chinese traditional culture, film art, or to the domestic people to promote French entertainment, as well as a number of Sino French language exchange services. Zhong Cheng, executive vice president of the European times, said at the salon, I hope the Sino French cultural and creative industries in Paris Sharon exchange can be concerned and recognized by all parties, such a lot of activities held. Chinese law culture in a secret Liang Chengxi said that Paris is the capital of fashion, creative capital, cultural and creative atmosphere is very strong, here to join the cultural and creative industries, with a broad space for growth. I hope that the majority of overseas Chinese in France will actively integrate into the French life, but also the profound Chinese culture to the French people. Finally, the Sino French cultural art exchange association, Paris, Bo Yan Han love Shopping chapter of traditional workshop successively won the top three. (commissioning editor: Wang Ying (Intern), Liu Jieyan)相关的主题文章: