The Fifth China – ASEAN International Oral Medicine Forum opened in October 25th – People’s network

The fifth session of the China ASEAN International Forum opened in October 25th — stomatology Guangxi channel — (Zhu Xiaoling) in Nanning in October 10, October 25th to 28, the fifth session of the Chinese ASEAN International oral medicine exchanges and cooperation forum will be held in Guangxi, Nanning, the size of about 200 people participating. Under the unified leadership and deployment of the Guangxi Health Planning Commission, the current oral forum is guided by the framework of the first China ASEAN health cooperation forum, combined with the successful experience of the previous four sessions. At present, the forum preparatory work is progressing smoothly. The forum will focus on oral Chinese ASEAN oral medical students scientific research ability, enhance the oral health and general health, the relationship between China ASEAN Regional oral medical education standard (oral medical education mode of competency oriented) three major themes. Compared with the previous oral forum, the scale of Chinese – ASEAN International Youth Forum and oral students improved specifications. The forum is not only invited to the ASEAN countries and Chinese dental school of outstanding students, outstanding students are also invited to the world famous dental schools involved, as China between ASEAN countries and the world youth youth mutual communication platform. This forum, from the ASEAN countries, Europe and America and the Ministry of health Chinese oral officials and experts will focus on the theme "relationship between oral health and general health of the keynote speech. Forum will also be held in the same period Oral Medical Devices Exhibition, take this opportunity to promote the development of China’s national industry in ASEAN countries. In addition, the forum will be held for the first time in China, the China ASEAN Regional standardization of oral education (post competency oriented oral education model), the international symposium. The seminar will create a competency based, in line with the actual oral education model and evaluation system. (end) (commissioning editor Chen Lulu and Pang Guanhua)相关的主题文章: