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The couple went to the Beijing hospital pregnant woman riding the electric car to get off halfway Street birth – by October 29th at 2 pm, Chengmai town of Jin Jiang, a pregnant woman from Chengmai across the middle passing, unbearable pain suddenly forced to give birth in the street. Passers by shopkeepers, students and parents around seeing, have stepped forward to help, with an umbrella in a caring temporary delivery room". Subsequently, the Chengmai County People’s hospital medical staff rushed to the scene disposal, but fortunately mother and child. Reporter Zhong Qi Wen Li Zhiliang Hong sister said, here is pregnant women gave birth to baby boy "to get off from the pregnant women gave birth to baby boy, but three or four minutes" on the road "was to give birth to a child, his wife, take an umbrella to cover the past." In October 29th 2 pm, Zhang brother dad tea shop in Chengmai Jin Jiang business town, was sitting in the doorway shade, suddenly see the side of the road there is a pregnant woman squatting on the ground, expression of pain, as if to delivery, then quickly take the umbrella cover past shouting wife. "I was in the store to eat a meal, then sit at the door shade, saw a couple riding the electric car after the Chengmai middle school entrance, riding on the back of her husband suddenly on the belly of the wife said" stomach pain how early do not say ", then walk 10 meters will be stopped. Two people get off, pregnant women squatting on the ground, like a child, it is three or four minutes." Zhang eldest brother said. His wife hung sister brother Zhang told reporters, "I was at was busy, heard her husband cries after I rushed from the store to pick up an umbrella ran. When the sun is very sinister, I stood on the maternal side with an umbrella, she gave birth to a boy, squatting in the shed a lot of blood. The child’s father took off his clothes wrapped up the child, while holding the child, while anxious to play 120." There is one umbrella for the maternal shelter, people draw water for the maternal body "we are the first to see, then there are a lot of people come to help, there are people passing by, parents send their children to school, there are a number of students." Hung sister told reporters. One of the Chengmai secondary schools across a bar owner Ms. Qiu also witnesses, she told reporters, "I heard someone outside said there is a pregnant woman giving birth to a child on the way, I ran past, saw the child has been born out at that time, there have been many enthusiastic people for maternal umbrella." Ms. Qiu said, she rushed quickly ran back to the store, also picked up an umbrella for shelter and ran. "The day of the sun is very big, the weather is very hot, and then more than the passing of the female students have also put up their umbrella, will be surrounded by maternal, the scene became a temporary ‘delivery room’." Ms. Qiu said, pregnant women gave birth to baby boy after bleeding, some enthusiastic owners also brought some cardboard on the floor, experienced by the maternal aunt sit down and rest, a sanitation worker also call water body blood to help women scrub. Subsequently, the reporter learned that the name of the mother surnamed Cai, 24 years old, living in the vicinity of the incident area near the road, ready to go to the hospital in the afternoon. The maternal family declined an interview with reporters, said the mother of two who is currently in good condition, let everyone at ease, and to those who put out"相关的主题文章: