The bank order listed or and loan default rates rise on e2140

The bank order listed or and loan default rates rise – the newspaper reporter Hu Jinhua Shanghai reported A shares of IPO gate open wider, waited for years for the city commercial banks, agricultural firms listed in collective approval, the domestic banking sector continued expansion. "China Times" reporter learned that the National Day holiday before the last trading day, A shares usher in the year of third agricultural firms in Changshu rural commercial banks listed earlier; Wuxi rural commercial bank has been successfully listed in South of Jiangsu, the two agricultural businesses in the opening day in most high or close, and Wuxi rural commercial bank for five trading days to close trading. In Wuxi agricultural firms listed on the same day, the Bank of Shanghai A shares IPO application approved by the Commission approval, as China first city named the City Commercial Bank of Shanghai was finally landed the Shanghai "tickets" was founded in 20 years, A shares of the banking sector has a lively. This year is undoubtedly the A-share listed bank shares A. As the Bank of Jiangsu successfully listed bank stocks broke 6 years of silence, the year listed bank stocks have 5, originally only 16, bank shares listed on the main is facing strong additional capital needs, however, low earnings release for the current A shares bottomed." October 8th, Haitong Securities [-0.50% funding research report] a banking analyst said in an interview. The concern is that in the year 7 city commercial banks rural commercial banks have been listed and approved, in addition to the Bank of Guiyang, the remaining 6 banks in the Yangtze River delta. Were the Bank of Jiangsu, Wuxi agricultural firms, Jiangyin agricultural firms, Changshu agricultural firms, Shanghai bank, Bank of Hangzhou. The bank listed on the "new normal" demand for additional capital, especially small and medium-sized banks listed banks listed in the Yangtze River Delta has become an urgent matter, and in the regulatory side open the floodgates wide to, the other side is also facing financing shrink helpless. We certainly hope to be able to issue full financing, but also need to take into account the capacity of the market and investor confidence, now the poor market performance, reduce the size of issue is motivated by the practical choice, we see from the share price performance is quite satisfactory." October 9th, a listed soon South of Jiangsu City Board of directors told reporters. This reporter from the Changshu commercial bank announced in September 30th the "listing announcement" learned, the scale of the issue of 222 million shares, the issue price set at 4.28 yuan shares, to raise funds for a total of 951 million yuan; September 2nd listed on the Jiangyin agricultural firms issue price of 4.64 yuan per share shares, to raise funds 972 million yuan; September 23rd listed on the Wuxi farm the firm shares issue price of 4.47 yuan, 789 million yuan to raise funds. In the original prospectus, such as Bank of Jiangsu intends to issue 2 billion 598 million shares, issued 1 billion 154 million shares; Jiangyin bank plans to issue 400 million shares, issued 209 million shares; Wuxi bank plans to issue 554 million shares, the actual issuance of 185 million shares. In addition, the Bank of Hangzhou, which has just been postponed for 3 weeks, has also been reduced from the original $600 million to about $262 million. September 21st evening, the Bank of Hangzhou announced that the bank’s IPO price of 14.相关的主题文章: