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150 anniversary of the birth of Sun Zhongshan Sun Zhongshan explore Hongkong footprint Beijing News Agency – Hongkong November 13 Xinhua News Agency: in search of Sun Zhongshan Hongkong footprint reporter Yang? Central, Hongkong’s commercial and political center of the region, the bustling road with quiet paths cross, if careful observation is not difficult to find, which stands for Sun Zhongshan display card, to remind people of deep origin of Sun Zhongshan and Hongkong. In 1996, the Hongkong central and Western District Council set up "Sun Zhongshan historical trail", with more than a dozen related historical place and Sun Zhongshan strung him in Hongkong to leave footprints. On the city’s main street, a section of the road has been completely preserved, next to the signs here for the Sun Zhongshan school to go through the road. The stairs, is the central school site, Hongkong provided the first western education government secondary school, Sun Zhongshan was in the period from 1884 to 1886 at high grade. Sun Zhongshan came to Hongkong at the age of 17, graduated from the Central Academy and diocesan college, Hongkong College of medicine. When he was in the school of Western medicine, he did not learn all the medicine. Then according to the readme, "with its course is excellent, and can place more freedom, advocating revolution, so the Hongkong school attended". A hundred years ago, in addition to teaching medicine, but also the establishment of science, democracy and other disciplines. Many years later, at the age of 57, Sun Zhongshan was invited by the University of Hong Kong students’ Union to give a speech entitled "the birth of revolutionary thought". He said: "I would really like a nomad, because of Hongkong and the University of Hong Kong, is also the birthplace of my knowledge…… Once upon a time, everyone asked me, where did you come from? I have a direct answer: revolutionary thinking is coming from Hongkong." A long-term study of Sun Zhongshan thought of Hongkong Council Chairman Gao Yu told reporters, in this period the profound influence of Sun Zhongshan’s thought, some see through practice, some books to get through. "The thought is divided into two parts: one is the Chinese cultural tradition, the other is the western thought. These lay the foundation for the formation of his revolutionary thought." Sun Zhongshan from Hongkong first practicing Chinese medicine He Qi, it is the latter founded the College of medicine, founder of the University of Hong Kong. He is not only Sun Zhongshan’s teacher, but also to become the revolutionary path of the ideological mentor of the revolution, during the revolution, He Qiye had given support to the president of the Republic of China in the period of the revolution of the world, and in the period of the revolution of the world, he was not only a teacher, but also a teacher of the revolution. In Hong Kong during the study, Sun Zhongshan gradually began to advocate the revolution, often with Chen Shaobai, iurie, Yang Heling secret meeting, to discuss the anti Qing plan. Now in Gough street, four year gatherings have also been classified as historical trail, become a shelter shed cloth busy stall, a few short table stool, noon, poll surge, into the street noise in. It is not far away, Yang Quyun was assassinated by local revolutionaries. Gao Yu said, in 1895, Sun Zhongshan returned to Hongkong, and Yang Quyun et al cooperation Furen literary society, founded the revive China society association. In October of the same year, xingzhonghui here first to the Guangzhou uprising, is the service failure, land Haodong more than and 70 people were killed. Yang Quyun after Guangzhou Qing Dynasty buy fierce assassination. This is a great loss to revolution. Because of the revolution, Sun Zhongshan)相关的主题文章: