The 14 year old teenager Paralympic dream life Xu Jialing give me a dream to chase

The 14 year old teenager Paralympic dream life Xu Jialing: give me a dream to chase Xu Jialing Xinhua News Agency reporter He Jun, Ji ye, Zheng Zhi "Paralympic Games to a dream let me go, this" dream life "quite wonderful." The Paralympic Games in the women’s 200 meter medley game SM9 level 11 days after swimmer Xu Jialing told reporters. Not long ago, the 14 year old Xu Jialing, is the youngest player in the Chinese delegation of the Rio Paralympic games. The girl from Ningbo in an interview with some shy and shy, but when asked about her dream, she stared, eyes firmly said: "some day in the future, to stand in the Olympic Games on the highest podium." In fact, to become a swimmer was originally a helpless parents for Xu Jialing to come up with a way out of life. At the age of 5, Xu Jialing died in a car accident unfortunately lost his left arm, young life has not opened doomed than ordinary people difficult. From then on, she became very quiet, sad all day, one family to live in pain and depression. In order to let Xu Jialing grow up is a good way, after much thought parents sent her to learn to swim. That is because her daughter love the water, but the most important thing is to let her become a disabled swimmer, so the future of life may have a good landing. However, the parents’ frustration, but it became the beginning of another beautiful life Xu Jialing. From the age of 6 into the swimming pool training, Xu Jialing gradually found their own goals in the water. "I love the shuttle in the pool feeling, one day thousands of meters do not feel tired, let me swim back the confidence, let me have the pursuit of life." After swimming, Xu Jialing’s face had a smile, her character became cheerful, words are more up. After several years of training, has a certain talent Xu Jialing began to emerge in the game. In 2015 at the Ninth National Paralympic Games, Xu Jialing scored 3 gold and 3 bronze, at the same time to break the 200 meter medley, the 400 meter freestyle two national disabled record, become the Paralympics won the individual gold medal and broke the national record youngest athletes. Along with their own growth, Xu Jialing’s goal is also getting higher and higher – standing on the Olympic podium. This year in January and in June, she participated in the world disabled swimmer open in Croatia and Germany, successfully obtained the qualification of the Rio Paralympic games. Rio Paralympic Games, as a rookie Xu Jialing to participate in 6 projects in the competition, the first day she won a bronze medal. In the 200 meter individual medley SM9 games for 11 days, once in the last 50 meters behind her way to catch up with the final spare no effort to catch up, get fourth. "The first time to participate in the Olympic Games is still a little nervous, but the strength of the basic play out, the coach told me not to have pressure, do not want to score, you can swim well." With the beginning of the experience of the Olympic Games, Xu Jialing believes that he is a step closer to the dream, I am still small, for me, the experience is very important, the next time will be able to perform better". Paralympic Games is the "dream factory", there are many people like Xu Jialing here chasing the dream, to create their own good life. As Xu Jialing said: "I feel mine."相关的主题文章: