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The 103 year old grandmother was like a hundred years old self playing mobile phone fashion granny (Figure) to play the self centenarians mobile phone self timer is a lot of young people are playing, but in the old urban and rural areas of Shidian County don’t have mang village, a 100 year old woman Li Yaying, she is 90 years old today not only to work, still at the age of 103 to play the self timer, a variety of fashionable taste and full action style, let the young men in the village are applauded for her. At the age of 90, but also to work in Li Yaying’s house in the village of villagers don’t mount the grave, is an elevation of about 2000 meters from the village, the old city about 8 kilometers of mountain road. The old man’s house is a small courtyard. When reporters arrived, the old man is a penthouse in your room. The purpose that the old man got up, dressing on crutches, unhurried walked towards the house, greeted reporters sit down. The old man moves freely, the ear is not deaf, the eye does not spend. Don’t mount village family planning Luo Kang, his home is the tomb of the village, according to seniority, the old man is his ancestors, at present, an old man of five generations, is the oldest in the old city. The old man’s son Luo Shaowei told reporters that the mother is already 103 years old this year, before the wine room Xiang Jiu Fang village a landlord’s daughter, married at the age of 16 to the old grave hill a Yangxing people, but less than 5 years of marriage, her husband died. In order to make a living, she had 3 children with her ex husband’s surname remarried family life raised 9 children. "My mother was 50 when I was born." Luo Shaowei said that after his father died, his mother has been living with their own, good health, never suffering from a serious illness. At the age of 90, the mother also work under the ground, the family advised her not to go, but she still insisted, sometimes carrying his family to the ground. "Four or five years ago, but also to find mother back to ragweed." Luo Shaowei said, in order to raise their children, the mother had a lifetime of suffering, always restless, now older family would not let her go to work, but even sitting at home, she is always thinking of something to do housework. At the age of 103 with mobile phone self Luo Shaowei said, mother merry love, love new things, to her grandchildren, she let the children watch the video using a mobile phone to her. One day more than happy, she also took the self bar grandchildren, while playing the self timer while walking in the yard, all other out, by the grandchildren’s point of praise. I did not expect the mother so old, but also play a lot of children, than I will play." Luo Shaowei sigh. Luo Kun, the grandson of the elderly, the elderly in addition to walking exercise, but also love to join in the fun, like new things, often let her get her phone in the news. Two days ago, I heard Baoshan city sports meeting, she kept saying to watch the opening ceremony, because she grew up in the Shidian County wine Fang Xiang grew up, and Longling County across the river, so the children have to open the mobile phone to her video. Luo Kun said happily, grandma can live more than and 100 years old, happy is very important. Character file name: Li Yaying age: 103 years old hometown: Shidian County, the old urban and rural mang village Tomb Village group was praised by many young people as a hundred year old Kay相关的主题文章: