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Thai fishermen fishing the river picked up 6 big Python entangled into the group (Figure) – Sohu news pictures from the network media said, Thailand central prachinburi province fishermen in the river fishing trap, the next evening when the net has picked up a lot of pythons, frighten hurriedly escape, fish don’t directly thrown into the net in situ. Animal protection groups that matter to check the situation, pull up to find more than 1, 2, 5, but at least 6 intertwined, so urgent notice more human, finally put the snake back to the jungle. The fishermen originally set up nets in the river, the next evening to get back to the net, take up that feeling is very laborious, harvest, very happy, did not expect to emerge a closer look, turned out to be a big basket full of snakes intertwined, but also not a fish. He was scared to lose the run and seek assistance animal protection groups. Animal protection groups pull net found at least 5, 6 snakes, 8 people together to catch up with a python deep into the jungle into the wild, the length of a snake about 5 people holding. Later the local people guessed that it should be a snake family, sneaked into the fish trap, because soon after someone found a snake in the vicinity, not far from the original set a trap and a nest of snake eggs.

泰渔民河边撒网捕鱼捞起6条大蟒蛇 纠缠成团(图)-搜狐新闻 图片来源于网络   台媒称,泰国中部巴真武里省有位渔民在河里设陷阱捕鱼,隔天傍晚收网时却捞起一大堆蟒蛇,吓得连忙逃跑,鱼网也不要了直接丢在原地。动保团体得知此事后便前往查看情形,一拉起来发现不只1、2条,而是至少5、6条交缠在一起,因此紧急通知加派人力,最后把蛇放回丛林。   渔民原本在河边设置鱼网,隔天傍晚才到回去收网,拿起来时发现很费力,心里觉得一定是大丰收,非常高兴,没想到浮出水面仔细一看,竟然是满满的一大篮蛇纠缠在一起,而一条鱼也没有。他吓得丢了网子拔腿就跑,寻求动保团体协助。   动保团体拉起网后发现至少有5、6条蛇,8人合力才把蟒蛇一条条抓起来带到丛林深处野放,其中一条蛇长度大约要5个人捧着。后来当地人猜测那应该是一个蛇家族,溜到陷阱里吃鱼,因为不久后又有人在附近发现一条蟒蛇,在当初设置陷阱的不远处还有一窝蛇蛋。相关的主题文章: