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Taiwan foreign crisis close to the tipping point is out of the venue on behalf of "allies" does not help – Beijing original title: Taiwan "diplomatic crisis" close to the tipping point is out of the venue on behalf of "allies" don’t help out [Global Times special correspondent in Taipei Chen Mingyu] world leaders and representatives gathered in the United Nations General Assembly held in New York headquarters. But Taiwan’s "allies" in the debate is the president of Panama to speak, but did not mention Taiwan, this has been in Panama for 3 consecutive years without Taiwan sound. At the same time, the island came to the Fisheries Department officials to attend the meeting was expelled from Italy. "Wang" 22, with emotion, the two sides continued cold confrontation, in the absence of a common political basis, Taiwan’s participation in international activities, but more narrow space, blocked everywhere. According to Taiwan, "Wang Bao" reported on 22, the Cai Yingwen administration decided the day before, before the general assembly of the United Nations will continue to practice this year, please use the "friendly" assembly and the debate time for Taiwan sound, please also "allies" sent a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Taiwan to participate in the expression of desire. However, in the "friendly" joint has not yet been accomplished, the president of Panama Barrera in the 20 debate, did not mention Taiwan. Reported that Panama is Cai Yingwen after his first visit to the "allies", "Cai government well intentioned, but not for Panama for my diplomatic space as a force". In fact, Ma Ying-Jeou’s late, had heard of Panama, with the intention of the establishment of diplomatic relations. Pro Green "free times" says 22 days, Taiwan Fisheries Department sent two officials, July respectively in the folk status that "Taiwan Fisheries Association" and "foreign fishing association" in the name of the host of the FAO conference. The representative of Taiwan as usual, the replacement out "passport" and is ready to participate in the meeting, but Congress stand in accordance with resolution 2758th of the UN, refused to let anyone hold the "Republic of China passport" to enter the conference hall in Taiwan, officials were forced to leave. Fisheries department speculated that the matter should be put pressure on the host to the mainland, leading to difficulties in international affairs in Taiwan. In this regard, Taiwan’s foreign ministry said it had asked the representative office in Italy sent a letter to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, made solemn protest "discrimination". CoA 21 also expressed "deep regret" and "solemn protest". "Wang Bao" also mentioned that next week’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) meeting, Taiwan not invited several to be a foregone conclusion, the authorities have to start filing, the stage with friends of Taiwan organizations "in the OTC to contact, strive for international exposure; plus the November APEC (APEC) special envoy for Taiwan candidates encounter obstacles, China and the Vatican relations gradually improved, the government put forward practical diplomacy," Cai to bypass "92 consensus", are facing severe challenges". According to the "international predicament, the DPP legislators Cai Yiyu said, tried to suppress Taiwan’s international space of survival, the Kuomintang county mayor is still running to cater to this point, the pressure is visible, cooperation. Taiwan Land Authority issued a press release 21, said the two sides of the international community to participate in the interaction with the interests of the interests of the people of Taiwan, the international community are positive, called on the mainland to show goodwill.相关的主题文章: