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Fashion-Style Lisa Jayne Dann is an independent fashion designer who has been the centre of widespread popularity through the killer pieces of garments that she designs. Her distinctive mark lies in .bining both the current and the future trends of fashion. As she incorporates her own style into the dresses they provide a unique look for the wearer. About Lisa Jayne Dann clothing, it can be said that they use a mesmerising array of .bination, colours and classic designs in the garments. The apparel of this brand has a modern appeal and stands apart from the other run of the mill stuff on the market. In fact it can be said that the clothes are flawless as far as style and cuts is concerned. Moreover, these outfits provide a wide variety of options for girls looking to make an impression in the club circle and Saturday night dance floors. These dresses are designed to make heads turn and make you the topic of discussion wherever you go. The brand name of Lisa Jayne Dann is on a roll and ever since it set up shop at the Corn Exchange in Leeds, it has never looked back. Over time, the brand has celebrities and fashionistas donning the latest cuts from its studios. In the UK this brand of clothing has been gaining a cult following through its uniquely inspired outfits. In fact this brand of clothing has be.e the symbol of class and status. With the emergence of globalisation this particular brand of clothing is spreading to other countries of the world as well. Lisa Dann fashion clothes have been the highest selling independent designer clothes in various locales in the UK as well as in the other parts of the world. This brand of clothing is known to bring out unique designer outfits that are actually wearable through all seasons. For instance, Lisa is popularly known for her autumn collection. As the clothes are designed specifically for each of the seasons, the wearer gets to experience a captivating .bination of .fort and style. The autumn and the winter collection of Lisa have dresses made of rare wools, lace, velvet and faux fur trim. You have direct access to this collection from the independent boutiques. However, that is not all in the collection of Lisa Dann. She has an exclusive collection for the Christmas parties and all the other parties which are lined up for the winter season. This brand is known for its pretty LBLs, playsuits and maxi dresses. All of these outfits are different from one another because they try to capture the latest trend in their designs. But this does not mean that you cannot wear the dress after some time. In fact the dress be.es a cherished possession of every girl. You may be wondering as to what inspires Lisa Jayne Dann to design such beautiful clothes. She says that she wants women to look g.eous irrespective of the age group they are in. Her clothes are influenced by classic cuts as well the allure of modern texture with a futuristic vision. Blending all these styles into her garments she is able to get a style which is unique and at the same time accessible to the mainstream. Lisa says that it is her aim to give her customers unique and quality apparel and she also wants her customers to be inspired by her work drawing them back for more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: