South and south into the national innovation and entrepreneurship College 50 minmi

South China, among the "mobile phone computer repair shop of traditional national innovation and entrepreneurship 50 universities, professional maintenance, opaque price," cloud detection can improve the accuracy of the maintenance, reduce the cost; the traditional print shop, often long queues, bad service, cloud print can be achieved online orders, according to with the check…… Nanjing University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, a number of entrepreneurial projects favored by the capital market. In the last month, the Ministry of Education announced the 2016 annual national innovation and entrepreneurship typical experience in the list, the success of the first selection of the two schools, the national innovation and entrepreneurship colleges and universities in the top 50". A number of projects for capital favor, financing amounted to more than hundreds of millions of Jiangsu Province second "Internet plus" College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition ended at the end of August, the Nanjing University computer college graduates in 2015 of Xia Shilin’s "easy Weiying" project won the first prize of growth. "I’ve been busy lately." Xia Shilin said, "easy Weiying" project simply, is to rely on "cloud detection" technology to the traditional mobile phone, computer repair shop was built. Traditional mobile phone, computer repair shop is basically based on the maintenance of the experience of machine maintenance, high cost, poor results. He developed a set of cloud detection system, consumers will be able to get the phone after the repair point, the system will be the parameters of the mobile phone parts out, back to the background, the machine to determine where the fault. This maintenance, not only accurate, the cost can also be reduced by 70%." He said, now they have become the 35 brand of customer service agents, set up more than 6 thousand service points in Nanjing, set up 3 factories, stable monthly income in 3 million yuan, and the completion of the A round of 30 million yuan financing. Similar to Xia Shilin, Nanjing University of Science and Technology graduates are also concerned about the traditional industry of Guo Dongxu. Printing shop around the school, there are often a lot of people in the queue. So I thought, can the printing business moved online, sitting in the dormitory, the material sent in the past, online payment, playing directly to get." Guo Dongxu said he was the integration of the surrounding print shop to achieve cloud printing, while the design and manufacture of a similar function of the self-service printer. "From the first equipment in June to now, has received more than and 30 orders." Guo Dongxu said that a number of investment institutions are very interested in this project, I hope to join. "Since 2012, the school has successfully hatched the entrepreneurial enterprise policy network, and a number of small locksmith valuation in billion yuan." Director of student employment and entrepreneurship guidance center of Nanjing University, said the high room, only one transport policy network, this year, won 150 million yuan of financing. The student of department deputy director Wang Bo said that the 58 student enterprises over the past 3 years successfully hatched, 17 was rated outstanding entrepreneurial projects and a subsidy of $1 million 700 thousand, 30 was rated "excellent college students’ entrepreneurship project and obtained 4 million 750 thousand yuan investment. Innovation and entrepreneurship into the curriculum system, construct the atmosphere according to the introduction, two schools have so many high value projects emerge, and school innovation mechanism, innovation and entrepreneurship education into the curriculum, the school is full of strong)相关的主题文章: